Nov 09 2010

Our car is in the shop, boo


Our car has been doing some weird things on and off, and last night it finally went on strike. As I was driving, the ABS light came on, then immediately after the brake light came on, then it told me my air bag no longer would work, and the lights dimmed, turn signals stopped, I lost power steering, and it shut off. Bad alternator maybe? We replaced the battery a few months ago.

Thank you, car, for at least letting me get to a parking lot before you decided to all-out die. Much better than conking out on a fairly busy road with no shoulder!

We’re fortunate that our neighbor could come help us home. He has a young son as well and Johnny could use his son’s car seat to get home. I wasn’t excited about the idea of walking 2 miles home in the dark. While 8 months pregnant. With hills. With Johnny. So, phew!

We have an extended warranty (and go check out what Karen has to say about car warranties — she had to use hers too, yesterday!). The warranty covered the tow to the dealership.

Depending on what the car needs, the repairs might be covered. We’ll see. I just want the thing fixed for good.

I would go bananas if I needed to get in my car to head in to the birth center to have my baby, and it did this sorta nonsense to us. Bananas! So I guess it’s best that this is happening now, with a chance to repair it before I hit full-term on Thanksgiving.

The mechanic didn’t seem to be in too much of a hurry to get to my car, so I did play the, “I’m 8 months pregnant!” card and told him I have appointments tomorrow, and to please let me know if I’d need to reschedule them.

But really, we might end up renting a car for the day. Cuz we’re on a time crunch and some appointments need to just happen tomorrow.

So anyway — it’s fine having one car most of the time, but when that one car is in the shop it’s a big pain!

Edited to add: Last night when we were on the side of a residential road dealing with the car, someone slowed down and hollered out and told us to hurry up and get home — the Steelers game was on! Oh, Pittsburghers. You are so funny.

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  1. Car problems are never fun. So glad you could get into a parking lot — that’s much safter. I’ve got to get my car in for some routine maintenance and I’ve been putting off — can’t stand dealing with car stuff!
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