Oct 27 2010



I’m 33 weeks pregnant tomorrow and starting to feel like I really need to finish things now, or they’ll never get done. With every passing week as I grow, I know my energy and ability to move comfortably will get less and less. So…yeah. My blog might be a little quieter than I’d like.

I’m almost finished with Christmas and birthday shopping for my son. Just need to pick up a couple of small items and get his birthday candles and decorations ready to go, and we should be set for that!

I’d like to get everyone else’s Christmas shopping done asap, too. I’m planning on doing most of my shopping online and shipping directly to the recipient. Or gift cards.

Gotta keep things simple!

I’m also going to start filling my freezer this week. I’m doing a quadruple batch of bowtie pasta with sausage, tomatoes and cream. The sauce freezes really well and I’ll package that up for later. When it’s time to eat, I’ll just reheat the sauce and then boil some noodles and we’ll be set.

To make it easier on me, we’ll have that as one of our meals this week, so my extra work and cleanup will be minimal.

I’m going to cook a large batch of taco meat and freeze it in smaller portions. We can use it for tacos or in taco soup. Last time, I froze pre-made taco soup. This time, I will just be sure to have all the non-perishable goods on hand. I can add the pre-cooked taco meat and all the other ingredients to my crock pot without much fuss. That way, I’ll have more room in my freezer for other things.

And I’m making a double batch of spinach balls. I don’t expect these to be around by the time the baby is here, but that’s ok. They’re a yummy snack and I want some.

I’ll be sure to post all of my freezer meals and some easy meals that I can whip up without a lot of fuss, but in the meantime if you’d like to share some ideas, I’m all ears!

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  1. can I have your taco soup recipe? oh and maybe spinach ball recipe? I haven’t started on any freezer cooking, I plan on doing some of that next week, I probably wont do much because my family is picky about what they eat, not too much of what they eat can be frozen, but I do plan on making up some lasagna, enchiladas, and taco meat.

  2. Emailed ya!

  3. I like to cook up lots of plain (or lightly seasoned) ground beef to keep in the freezer as well. It makes it a lot easier to make several meals quickly, chili, spaghetti, shepherd’s pie, stroganoff, etc. I freeze mine in old sour cream containers (the small ones) and find they are about the right amount of meat for a meal.

    I do the same with bacon, cook a few packages at a time, then freeze. I drain it thoroughly, then freeze in ziploc bags. It thaws very quickly in the microwave and it is nice to just be able to grab a couple strips for a sandwich or to add to mashed/stuffed potatoes, burgers, etc.

  4. Sounds good! Something that I like to do is buy a bunch of chicken breast when its on sale and freeze it in baggies with marinades. Our favorite is a ginger stir-fry recipe. Buy veggies when they’re on sale as well and prep them for the stir-fry. It’s a healthy option for freezer cooking and is easy to pull out and throw together.

  5. Spinach balls? What are those? Any go-to sites you have for freezer cooking?

  6. I updated my post with the link to the spinach balls recipe. I usually use 1/2c butter instead of 3/4. And it’s been awhile since i’ve made these so I can’t remember if I use fewer than 6 eggs. Tinker around with it!

    I know onceamonthmom.com is a great source for freezer meals. I don’t really use any sites in particular but I think soon enough I”ll be seeking some more ideas!

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