Oct 19 2010

A free programmable thermostat for Duquesne Light customers and more?


[ad]I saw this post on Living Pittsburgh about rebates from Duquesne Light electric company, and though I’m a renter I thought I’d check it out.

There’s quite a list of rebates for Duquesne Light customers, including programmable thermostats. I can get up to $50 back for a thermostat. Pretty nice, especially considering that a quick search on Amazon.com shows me that there are several below that price point.

I will call ahead to make sure that “residential customer” includes apartment dwellers, but I might just go ahead and get the thermostat even if it isn’t covered under the rebate. And I’ll take it with me when we move! (Edited to add: I called the rebate line and he said since our electric bill comes to us and the apartment complex does not pay it, then yes we can qualify for the rebate. Woo!)

This apartment is horribly energy-inefficient. Our electric bill (and we’re all-electric) is much higher than it was at our previous apartment. I know that I have to factor in our washer and dryer, but still! It’s nuts.

The windows are so drafty even though we cover them. We’ll need to step it up a bit this winter since we’ll have a newborn in the house — one who probably won’t appreciate a freezing cold room.

I know most of you don’t have Duquesne Light for your electric company, but you likely have some electric company. Go to their web site and see if they offer similar rebates. And don’t forget to winterize your home soon! It’s worth it.

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  1. Our last apartment was so energy inefficient, it was UNREAL. The windows were old and single-paned. And an entire outside wall in our living room was a sliding glass door.

    The weather stayed pretty warm throughout the winter, but in the summer our electric bills were about $200. Ugh. Do NOT miss that.

    We’ve only paid a few electric bills so far, but this place already seems so much more efficient. We get NO drafts from the windows, which is amazing. At the height of the heat wave when the AC was running in high gear, our electric bill was $118. Since I’m pregnant, our thermostat was set at 73 degrees. We used to pay $200 a month to keep our apartment at 80 degrees! I’m looking forward to seeing how low our bills will be this winter since I like to keep our place pretty chilly.
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