Oct 07 2010

Getting the ‘grown-up’ discount for car insurance


Cheapo that I am, I had long been looking forward to my 25th birthday, which was in June. I knew that finally, I would have cheaper car insurance and if I wanted to rent a car, I wouldn’t be hit with extra fees because of my age.

So on my 25th birthday, I called Geico, my car insurance company. I wanted my discount. Now. Happy birthday to me, you know?

But they told me I had to wait until my policy was up for renewal in November. I wouldn’t know what the discount would be until then. Ugh!

Today I got notice that my policy papers are available for review.

My savings? $14.40 for a 6-month period. Whoop-de-do. I was hoping for more than that! After all, when we moved to a different zip code last summer, our rate went up $20 or so for the six months.

I guess it’s better than nothing. Welcome to being an adult, self!

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10 Responses to “Getting the ‘grown-up’ discount for car insurance”

  1. Every little bit counts, right?! Just think how far you can stretch that extra $2.40/month by using coupons :)

  2. I used to work in car insurance, and it definitely makes not as much difference when you are a woman and married. Still, it might not hurt to get quotes from other companies if you haven’t already :)

    I had my insurance agent requote our policy when we bought a new car last month. I was able to get the new car insured for less than the old one!!! (and it was newer and we added comprehensive and collision)
    Becky´s last post ..Two Months With Jude

  3. I shop rates from time to time but no one can come even close to my rate which is in the $330s for a 2006 sedan! I think it’s a pretty good deal

  4. Bummer! At least it’s something? :)
    Mrs. Money´s last post ..We are Finally Debt Free!

  5. Oh, I can relate! My husband and I got married when he was 20 and I was 24. My car insurance went WAY up when we got married… and his went down slightly. It was a BIG day for us when he finally turned 25… but it still wasn’t as big of a drop in our rates as I hoped. (Of course, that speeding ticket he got didn’t help either!)
    Christina @ Northern Cheapskate´s last post ..6 Ways to Save When Shopping Online

  6. Yep, we had the same thing happen with Geico. And I was even more excited when my husband turned 25 thinking it would go down even more (those males and their driving, you know? ;)). Anyhow, when i called Geico to review they told me the guys had to be 29 for the discount to apply but when our policy renewed we saw a reduction so i guess we were incorrectly informed. We recently switched to Erie insurance though and our annual policy is now the same that our 6 month was with Geico. Definitely a good switch in my mind!

  7. I was excited to get that discount when I turned 25 as well but was quite disappointed to find it wasn’t much. I asked our agent and he said that it goes down with marriage so you actually got your “grown-up” discount early.

  8. I’ve called Erie for quotes but they can’t go as low as Geico. I don’t get it! But I’m happy.

    My husband is 25 and turned it in February. So 4 more years, maybe?

  9. On the plus side, when you get a house, that insurance will be cheaper. I just had my 25th birthday a few weeks ago, and my insurance went down 300 a year!

  10. I don’t like insurance plans. It always make me believe they are kind of a scam. Just check out your discount of 14 dollars! So sad!

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