Oct 03 2010

Giveaway: The Skinny On…books (2 winners!)


I recently received a stack of books from The Skinny On… series by Jim Randel to review. These are focused on certain topics and are designed to be read in under an hour, despite being 150-200 pages or so long, each. There isn’t much text on each page — lots of stick figure cartoon drawings, short snippets of text and lists.

The idea is you probably don’t have a whole lot of spare time in your day, so these books are designed to be quick reads that will give you an overall scope of the topic.

I found that I could get through each book in 20-35 minutes without feeling like I was rushing.

The titles in my review stack:

  • The Skinny On Time Management
  • The Skinny On The Housing Crisis
  • The Skinny On Credit Cards
  • The Skinny On Willpower
  • The Skinny On Networking
  • The Skinny On The Art of Persuasion
  • The Skinny On Success

I read through most of these and felt like there were some helpful take-aways.

My favorite was the one on time management. I think this is the area where I need the most work, so that’s probably why I got the most out of it.

Here are two free articles pertaining to time management: How to defeat procrastination and Ten steps to improve your memory. You can visit the site’s resources page to get more free articles associated with the books. Visit the Skinny On blog to see some examples of what you might see within the books’ pages.

The Skinny On Time Management suggests we take an honest look at how we actually spend our time. If we aren’t aware of where our time is going, we can’t pinpoint concrete ways of improving our time management.

We should make the most of our unproductive gap time. For me, that’s having reading material in my car and a task list of quick projects that need tackled. Five minutes here and there can be enough to get things done!

The housing crisis book does a nice job of explaining what led to the problem.

The book on credit cards includes updated info from the Credit Card Act of 2010. There’s a lot of changes in the law! The book breaks it down in a simple way.

These are helpful books if you’d like a quick overview of a topic, but aren’t comprehensive (and I don’t think they’re intended to be). At the end of each title, you’ll find a handy summary of key points and suggested further reading.

The suggested retail price is $14.95. Gotta say, maybe I’m just a cheap-o but I think that’s a bit high. I think a $7 price point is a little more reasonable for a new copy. There’s not enough meat to warrant an entrée of a price.

I’m giving away two bundles of these books, shipping at my expense. In the entry form, please check the box (or boxes) to let me know which bundle you’d like to win. You can check one or both boxes. I just want to be sure that if you win, you win a bundle of books that interest you.

Bundle 1:

  • The Skinny on The Art of Persuasion
  • The Skinny on Success
  • The Skinny on Willpower
  • The Skinny on The Housing Crisis

Bundle 2:

  • The Skinny On Credit Cards
  • The Skinny On Willpower
  • The Skinny on The Housing Crisis
  • The 10 Keys to Success with Real Estate Investing CD

The giveaway will run until midnight on Wednesday, October 6, 2010. U.S. residents only, please. Enter your name, e-mail and bundle preference and I will randomly select winners after the giveaway ends. I will then contact you for your mailing address and send you the books via Media Mail. I won’t use your e-mail addresses for any purpose besides contacting the winners.

Good luck!

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