Sep 26 2010

Tidbits from a power outage

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A strong storm blew through our area Wednesday evening and we lost electricity from about 4 p.m. until Friday evening. It could have been worse — the electric company said not to expect power until Sunday!

We were fortunate. We weren’t hurt and we didn’t have any property damage.

My neighbor wasn’t so lucky. A tree fell on her car, which was parked right next to mine.

A few things:

  • Our fridge and freezer weren’t that full, but I estimate we had to toss somewhere between $100 and $150 worth of stuff.
  • It was a good opportunity to scrub the inside of the fridge and freezer and prepare it for my upcoming freezer-cooking bonanza. Baby Girl is coming in December, ya know!
  • Two days without power means a lower electric bill.
  • But, we also went out to eat for most of our meals during that time…so it doesn’t balance out evenly.
  • I got sick of restaurants FAST and I’m inspired to try some new recipes now. I had been in a cooking rut forever, so maybe this will jump-start me out of it.
  • Even though our apartment is all-electric, for some reason our water heater held enough hot water for us to have FOUR total warm showers. Amazing!
  • We got to put some of our camping gear to use — lanterns, flashlights, our cooler.
  • The weather was pleasant and since we had been having the windows open anyway, it wasn’t a big deal.
  • It was tricky to fall asleep and stay asleep since we are so used to having fans on!
  • Out of laziness, Johnny was in a disposable diaper and I had just finished a load of clean cloth diapers. So I didn’t have any dirty cloth diapers sitting around. Whew!
  • It’s kind of nice to have some quiet. No TVs or computers. It made me realize they were on way too much around here. I had been praying about making better use of my time on the internet. So I can’t complain if it takes a power outage to make me reflect on it all!

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