Aug 30 2010

I’m back! Here’s some miscellany


My trip to visit family in Indiana was extended by almost a week. While we were there, my great-grandmother was in increasingly poor health and she passed away last Sunday. She lived to be 99 years old! I am so fortunate to have known her, and for my son to have met her. It’s pretty neat to have a 5-generation family photo. We will miss her. I told her before she died that I knew where she was going and that I’d see her again someday.

Since I took a pretty extensive blogging break, I didn’t really know how best to jump back in. So here’s a few tidbits:

  • Because of my late return to Pittsburgh, I wasn’t able to get yard sale stuff together in time for my friend’s sale on Saturday. I added up what I thought I’d get if everything sold (not likely) and it just wasn’t that much money. We filled my trunk and part of the back seat and I dropped it off at a thrift store.
  • I couldn’t leave the thrift store empty-handed! I picked up 5 items of clothing (2 skirts and 3 cardigans) and a pair of shoes (I never am able to find shoes I like in my size at thrift stores!). The clothes were $1 a piece and the shoes were $4. Perhaps I’ll share some pics in an upcoming post.
  • I let 4 of the items air dry on a drying rack near an opened window. It took almost 20 hours for them to be dry! I wrung them out and put them in the dryer for about 15 minutes first, too. It’s just damp in our apartment.
  • I need to do one more purge-0f-stuff before December gets here. There isn’t a whole lot left that I think I’ll want to part with, but surely it will fill a large box or two. Then I can get more organized before the baby comes. It feels SO good to have less clutter around here!
  • Johnny was fiddling with my cell phone (which is usually locked) and he bought a song or something for $2.49. I can’t even find it on my phone! Oh well. I had my husband try and disable any future purchases like that.
  • Groceries are way cheaper in Indiana than here. My mother-in-law bought a gallon of milk for something like $1.77 or $1.88 at Sam’s Club. Here, I usually pay $3.50ish/gallon. Milk prices are regulated by the state, ugh. We go through 5+ gallons per week, so the cost difference really does add up. And my mom bought a small bag of Goldfish crackers on sale for $0.88 at Kroger. I’ve never seen them for less than $2 at the Giant Eagle here.
  • In June, I started the Bible in 90 Days reading plan. I have just a few days left and then I will have read it cover-to-cover! It’s a first for me. I could never stay focused long enough for those year-long plans.
  • I have a lot of books on my shelf that I’ve never read. Some are review copies, books I’ve picked up at thrift stores or from PaperBackSwap. I need to whittle down my to-read list before I bring any more books home. Anyone else have that problem?

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7 Responses to “I’m back! Here’s some miscellany”

  1. I’m sorry for the loss of your great-grandmother- it’s amazing you’ve gotten to know her for so long.

    My eyes bugged out when I saw your milk prices- $3.50? Yes, here in Indiana lately, my standard price has been $1.79 at Aldi or Costco. Almost HALF of what you can find it for! Wow!

    Also, it sounds like someone’s nesting :)
    joanna´s last post ..Questions for Baby and God

  2. 99! Wow! While I’m so sorry you lost your great grandma, I hope she spends eternity enjoying heaven.

    That’s a big difference in milk prices — here we pay $2 on sale for a gallon and $2.50 or so full price. It sure beats the $4 a gallon days a couple of years ago.
    Trixie´s last post ..Menu Plan Monday

  3. How do you go through 5 gallons a week??? That’s impressive! We pay $3/gallon here, are $3.70 if I make it over to the store that sells hormone-free milk.

  4. *or $3.70

  5. you can call the cell phone company and they may remove the song and take it off your bill. I did this 2 years ago christmas and couldnt find the song i ordered. they could tell i hadnt used it and removed it and the charge.
    Brandy´s last post ..owt owr winda

  6. I dunno! Sometimes it’s 4. We all just drink a ton of it. And I like to start my day with ovaltene haha. I don’t even use much milk for cooking! We should probably get our own dairy cow.

  7. Wow, I thought our 2-3 gallon habit was expensive! You made $5 at the yard sale since you held the espresso maker back for me. And congrats on almost making it through the Bible!

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