Jul 29 2010

Spoiled by thrift stores


I’m starting to think I’m spoiled. There really are some great thrift and consignment stores near me, and several of my favorites have some great sales.

At St. Vincent de Paul, for example, they have $0.99 tag sales for a certain tag color each Saturday, and they have weekly specials — many items are half off, depending on the day. Considering they only use 3 colors to tag clothes, it’s usually a huge selection of $0.99 items.

At The Has Bin children’s consignment shop, I go on Fridays where I can fill a grocery sack of clearance-rack items for a mere $5. Maternity clearance items count there, too.

When I know I can get good-quality baby clothes (and really, clothes in my size, too!) for such a small price, it makes me so unable to want to spend any money at a regular retail store.

Last weekend, we were poking around a few baby-clothes sections in the mall. I didn’t even see anything that I loved (just a ton of the same shade of pink…) and I thought the prices were terrible.

$15 is the “sale price” for a frilly little church dress for an infant? Something that might get worn just a couple of times before outgrown? No thanks.

$10 for a onesie and a hat? Are you kidding me?

I was getting sorta frustrated with what I saw, so I went to a thrift store and got my fix. I did “splurge” a little by paying higher than I normally do on an item. I paid $4 for a new-with-tags infant dress with bloomers. The original tag’s regular price was $30. Pfft!

I also got a new-with-tags baby jumper for $3. The brand was Ralph Lauren, and the regular price was torn off the tag but I’m sure it was more than $3.

I also picked up a few sleepers and some clothes in size 3T for Johnny to wear sometime in the future. Got some pants in great condition for $1, some really adorable shirts and a sweater.

Overall, I just feel a whole lot better when I get some nice clothes for way less than I could ever find them at a retail shop. There’s plenty other things I could do with my money than spend it on brand-new baby clothes!

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6 Responses to “Spoiled by thrift stores”

  1. I feel even more spoiled by garage sales! I can get onesies for 10-25 cents and sleepers for 50 cents to a dollar. Gotta love it! I agree, the retail stores aren’t even tempting to me (when it comes to clothes, at least).

    I also love the added bonus that I’m giving already-created clothes more use instead of encouraging the clothing makers to keep making more clothes. I ALSO love that the chemicals that come from new clothes have long been washed out of the used clothes I buy. So much to love about used clothing :)

  2. Yes! I’ve been going through the same thing. I spent about $50 on both of the kids’ summer clothes this year. I see Kohls sales and I scoff at them. 50% off? Ha! I can get it for 90% off next month when someone else grows tired of it!

  3. That’s awesome! Clothing prices are insane. I haven’t bought an item for full price in years, and thrift stores are way more fun to shop at than even a good clearance rack.

  4. I ADORE anything that saves money!!

  5. Wow!! you are spoiled. The thrift stores around here aren’t nearly that good. :( Enjoy it! Thankfully we get lots of hand me downs. :)

  6. Gee Kacie you are getting brand new if the tag is still on it! that’s my girl! :D

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