Jul 07 2010

How do you keep track of recipes/meal plans? And a roundup


One of my big nesting projects is to overhaul the way I keep track of all my recipes and meal plans. I think having one centralized file (be it paper or electronic) will help me come up with meals we like without putting a lot of thought into it.

Lately, I have been uninspired when it comes to meal-planning and I wish I had a system like this already in place!

Please tell me how you keep your recipes and meal plans organized. Card file? Binder? Something online? iPhone app? I wanna know!

Links to share:

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  • Are your reusable grocery bags making you sick? Wash ’em more often!
  • How to avoid taking out student loans. Worth considering for the college-bound! Shane and I were blessed to avoid student loans ourselves, and we hope to help our children achieve the same thing (and they will apply for every scholarship, work part-time and longer over the summer, maybe start out at a community college…etc.)
  • In case my personal blog gave you a headache because of the wonky layout and annoying comment box, it’s fixed. The template is the same as this site, so if you like it here, then maybe you won’t mind it over there. Big thanks to my husband for fixing it for me!

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5 Responses to “How do you keep track of recipes/meal plans? And a roundup”

  1. My recipes are all over the place: recipe box, cookbooks, recipezaar, Word documents, scattered magazine articles. Ugh. I want to write out my most used electronic recipes on recipe cards. It’s a huge hassle when your electronic cookbook (computer) runs out of battery power in the middle of dinner prep! I won’t delete the recipes, though, in case something spills on the recipe card. If something spills on my computer while it’s on the kitchen counter however… :(

  2. Right now I have a theme for each day of the week, like Monday spaghetti, Tuesday chicken, Wednesday crockpot, Thursday Mexican, Friday meatless, Saturday pizza, Sunday left overs… So I have that written down, then for each theme I have 3-5 recipes listed to give me some ideas for each for when I do my weekly meal plan. I also have marked which recipes can be doubled then frozen for another meal.

    For the recipes themselves I have a plastic accordion file with computer print outs and magazine pages, a few go-to cookbooks, and a recipe box. I’m not really happy with it, but it works.

    I am inspired by this http://smallnotebook.org/2010/01/13/organizing-recipes-kickin-it-old-school/

  3. I have a good old fashioned recipe box. If I make a recipe I find online and like it, i write it on a card and put it in the box. unfortunately, I am not too inspired lately, so I tend to stick to the same meals that I know how to make without recipes. watching extra kids and being pregnant leaves little desire to make something that takes time and effort. Not to mention having a picky husband who doesn’t like to try new things…
    Jes´s last post ..Feeling inspired

  4. I have a three ring binder and sheet protectors. When I make a recipe we really like I make a copy of it next time I’m at the library. Then it gets slipped into the sheet protector and added alphabetically into my binder. To find a recipe I have an excel spreadsheet (that I update and print periodically) that lists the recipes by name, type of item (meat, bread, etc), meal (main dish, dessert, bread, etc) and cookbook/original source. I sort by each of the columns and print each sorted page as my index and put them in sheet protectors in the front of the binder. The sheet protectors protect my recipes from cooking mishaps and the index lets me keep it alphabetically organized which helps when putting recipes away after cooking. I love it!!

    As for meal planning I am floundering. :P
    Anne´s last post ..1-03163 vs 8853 vs 1-00653

  5. I took the time to write my own website to organize recipes and I still have them printed out all over the place. I’m slowly making progress getting them online though.

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