Jul 05 2010

BRU return policy saves the day! er, night


Update: I need to rescind my recommendation for a Tyke Light. They’re really cool in theory, but our second one is almost broken! The button isn’t working properly, but it still lights up. Its days are numbered though. We aren’t rough with the thing. So yeah, skip it :(

Because my son Johnny is now in a big bed instead of his crib, he needed a night light that was safe for him to be around. I was worried about the one that plugged into the wall, since if he got up during the night he might unplug (and try to replug) it.

So after some Googling, I found this night light* and thought it would be a fantastic option for him. It’s portable, doesn’t get hot, a toddler can easily turn it on and off, and it comes with a recharger.

I hurried over to Babies R Us to buy one. It was a huge hit!

The next day, he dropped it on the kitchen floor and the button broke. Um.

I had already thrown out the receipt.

I called the manufacturer to see if there was anything I could do, but they needed the receipt to make the replacement. Stink.

So I went back to Babies R Us in the hopes that they could print me a duplicate receipt.

Instead, they said they could look up my purchase by scanning my BRU keytag, since I used it when I bought it. They did that and exchanged the night light for me.


It has survived the last week and I hope it will continue to stick around, especially because I think it really does help Johnny go back to sleep.

Lesson learned: Hang onto receipts for a lot longer! And when something breaks, contact the store and manufacturer anyway, because they may be able to help.

*affiliate link

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2 Responses to “BRU return policy saves the day! er, night”

  1. My daughter had one of those nightlights too. I forget how long ours lasted, but it was well over a year… maybe even two years. It eventually got real dim and didn’t work so well anymore.

    Now we have the bigger version that just plugs in and sits on the table next to her bed. That one changes colors and she loves it. We’ve had that one for a few months and so far all is well with that.
    Mary @ Tips&TreasuresĀ“s last post ..Snapfish – 50 Print for 50 Pennies

  2. We have the one that changes colors, too. Maybe the smaller one is better? I dunno. It’s portable though, but does plug in.

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