Jul 02 2010

I sold a $2 necklace for $46!


A few years ago, my bargain-hunting father-in-law found a 14k gold necklace at a yard sale. He paid $2 for it and gave it to me, knowing that it would probably be worth more than that.

I don’t wear much jewelry at all, and this was yellow gold (I look sickly in that!) so it was an item that I knew I’d want to resell at some point.

Fast-forward to now, when I’m in hyper declutter and sell things mode.

I rounded up a bunch of jewelry to sell and I was going to put it on eBay as a big lot. But first, I thought I’d weed out any possible gold to see if I could sell it separately.

Turns out, that necklace is the only true gold piece I had.

I took that and a few other “is it gold, or is it gold-colored metal?” to a gold-buying/ collectibles-buying shop not far from me.

I wanted to do it in person instead of mailing it off so I could see the numbers on the scale myself.

The necklace turned out to be worth $46! Sold.

From what I’ve been able to learn from Google, if the piece is real gold and pretty, it’s probably worth more to sell it as an item, rather than sell it just for the gold.

But if you have something that’s broken or say, a class ring or something, then it might be better to sell it for the gold.

I possibly could have gotten more for it on eBay, but possibly not since people wouldn’t be able to inspect it for themselves or know how much it weighed and such.

Have you sold old gold? How’d it go?

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3 Responses to “I sold a $2 necklace for $46!”

  1. amazing! I have a thin one my mother in law gave me, I’m the same way with yellow gold, i’ve held onto it wondering if I should bring it somewhere, guess I should huh? I need to find a place around here that can tell me if it’s actual gold.

  2. Heh, I’m the opposite – I look sickly in silver! I actually have a lot of real gold, because my skin won’t tolerate anything fake. (It breaks out in rashes.) Maybe I should go through my stash and pull out anything I don’t wear anymore…

  3. I haven’t sold any gold. but KA-CHING for you. Isn’t that a nice fin?
    .-= cheapskate sandy´s last blog ..Im Not That Kind of Girl- But I Should Be =-.

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