Jul 01 2010

Clutter update for June


My pregnant nesting urges must already be kicking in, because I’ve been really motivated to declutter our apartment and get it better organized! I’m really late to Amy’s 730 in 365 days clutter challenge, but I thought I’d jump in anyway.

I’m not exactly keeping track of the amount of things I’m getting rid of. I don’t want to spend any extra time on the clutter by counting it. I just want it gone.

I’ve tackled our kitchen, dining room, living room, main bathroom and linen closet, and Johnny’s room and his closet. All that’s left is my bedroom, closet and the bathroom in there. (One of the benefits of living in a small space? Fewer rooms to clean!)

My bedroom looks like an insane mess right now because it’s serving as a clutter holding bay. There are some items that I want to list on craigslist or eBay or save for an August yard sale, and that’s the most Johnny-proof place I can keep them.

Seeing it all lined up along the walls in my room is really eye-opening. We’ve been holding onto a lot of things we don’t need!

Some items I’ve gotten rid of/will be getting rid of soon:

  • Wii games
  • DVDs
  • A baby carrier
  • A few cloth diapers
  • Misc. baby clothes we never used with Johnny
  • Old, threadbare towels
  • Bedsheets
  • Shoes I got in high school
  • Books
  • Kitchen gadgets
  • Some Christmas decor (I think we’re just going to keep our Christmas decor really simple, and do a tree and maybe a wreath and a nativity scene.)
  • Jewelry. I’m not a jewelry person! I wear my wedding band and sometimes I’ll wear earrings. I’m hanging onto a few earrings and some necklaces, but I just don’t wear anything else.
  • Toiletries and samples I have no real intention of ever using
  • Old makeup
  • And misc. x 100

I am just really amazed at how different our place feels after a big decluttering spree. It’s a lot easier to keep messes picked up. It feels more serene here. I’ve heard that so many times but never really experienced it. I could really get used to this!

By next month’s update, my bedroom, closet and bathroom should be under control. I hope to have everything sold on eBay and craigslist that I’m planning on selling.

After that, I guess it’ll just be periodic decluttering because clutter inevitably grows.

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7 Responses to “Clutter update for June”

  1. you’ve inspired me. I started last night going through our linen closet. I found so many little samples of things that I’ll never use or stuff that was so old it just needed thrown out. I can’t wait to move on to other closets and dressers!
    .-= Jes´s last blog ..Feeling inspired =-.

  2. My problem isn’t in getting organized, it’s in KEEPING things organized.

  3. I hear ya, K.!

  4. Wow, only two things a day. I think I could handle that challenge!
    Mrs. Accountability´s last post ..Carnival of Money Stories Independence Day Edition

  5. When I lived in apartments when I would see a neighbor moving it would give me the urge to declutter…and I loved doing it.. Your right, life without clutter is so much nicer. The real trick is to not buy so much junk in the first place, but even with that, things still add up. I loved nesting ! Cleaning when your nesting is such a primal urge, when I think back on it I can’t believe how much I used to get done. Thanks for inspiring me to go ahead an declutter my house.

  6. “After that, I guess it’ll just be periodic decluttering because clutter inevitably grows.”

    De-cluttering is like exercise. You have to keep it up to stay in shape.
    And you are on your way! Congratulations on your pregnancy :0)


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