May 14 2010

Stuff for our second baby


I tried to keep our baby-stuff purchases to a minimum last time with Johnny, and this time I’ll be even more minimalistic. I have pretty much everything we need already! I do have a short list of items that I’ll want:

More diapers. We’ll continue to use cloth, but I know I’ll need more than I have right now. I am not holding onto any hope that Johnny will be fully potty trained by age 2, so he’ll still be using the diapers. Since we didn’t start cloth with him until 6 months, I’ll also pick up some infant-sized prefolds and more covers. No big deal. Oh, and some disposables here and there.

A car seat. Last time, I skipped the infant seat and went straight to a seat that works for babies 5-65 lbs*.  I didn’t want to get a seat we’d only use for a few months and then have to store it in our little apartment. I really don’t like the idea of lugging around a car seat over my arm, either. It looks incredibly awkward and uncomfortable. I don’t regret skipping the infant seat with him, even though he was born in December and it was so cold.

But this time, I am considering an infant seat. I’ll have two car seats in my back seat. There won’t be any room for me to sit back there while I get the baby situated in my sling. I could pull into a parking space, climb in the back, put Johnny in my Baby K’Tan* and zip my coat around us both and go inside wherever. It worked really well. I won’t be able to do that as easily this time.

So I think I’ll just need to get over it and get an infant seat. I’m hoping you guys can help me with suggestions. I don’t want to spend much money (let’s say less than $100, ok?). I’m looking for an upper weight limit of maybe 15 lbs. or so and an upper height limit of at least 25-26″ if not more. The height limit is probably going to be reached faster than a weight limit.

I know you can get infant seats that will work for a baby until they’re 30 lbs. or so, but I think that’s more than I need. I want a light weight seat. Suggestions?

Clothes. Only if it’s a girl though. The kids will be almost exactly 24 months apart and I figure Johnny’s clothes will match up to the correct seasons and size, likely.

Better storage solutions. We’ll get some more shelves to make better use of our limited storage space and so things in general will be more organized.

Stroller? In theory, I may or may not get a double stroller. I dunno. We have an umbrella stroller and it isn’t used much. Johnny and I prefer to either have him in a sling, have him walk, or he likes to ride in shopping carts now. I don’t think he likes being so low to the ground where he can’t see anything. I’m betting I’ll put the new baby in a sling and maybe have Johnny ride along in the umbrella stroller for awhile if I need someplace for him to be, and we’ll just have to gauge how much we “need” a fancier stroller. It’s hard to say at this point!

Boppy pillow? I skipped it last time. But I may get one because I like how much firmer they are than standard pillows. Handy for nursing and also to have a place for tummy time and just to prop the baby in a seated position. I can see the appeal.

Labor doula. I’m preparing for an unmedicated birth again (and I do love this post on why “preparing” is a better word than “try”). I’ll once again be in a hospital. The hospital has a 98% epidural rate and the same labor nurses work with all women at the hospital, even the patients of the midwives whom I’ll be seeing. I’ll need my doula to be my talking birth plan and to help me make changes on-the-fly. Shane is a fantastic birth coach but he can’t possibly memorize every type of intervention and medication and labor position and all that.

What else? I can’t think of anything for now. We didn’t use bottles with Johnny and I haven’t decided if we’ll try to introduce one now and again this time. No pacifiers — Johnny was really annoyed by them and I just don’t want to mess with ’em.  There’s probably a few other things I’m forgetting but I have plenty of time to get that sorted out.

For more on the topic, visit ChristianPF to see his ideas for the 5 baby things you need. I disagree with several items, but some people would swear by each thing.

Also check out Mrs. P’s post on “If I could shop for my first baby all over again.” Good insights!

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10 Responses to “Stuff for our second baby”

  1. I was looking for a doula and I am sad to admit I live in the middle of no where and there are none even close. How far are they willing to travel? There might be some about 45 minutes away…

    I’m totally with you on this, there’s not much needed when the 2nd or 3rd baby comes along. with #2 we bought diapers and that’s it. with this one i plan on getting a swing or bouncy seat and a different infant bath tub thing. Our bouncy seat got broken after Caylee (from Lexi climbing in it) and i’ll need something to be able to put the baby in. We had a big plastic tub but after #2 I realized it is a lot easier to just put them in the tub with each other, so I’m thinking about one of those mesh looking seats that sits in the regular tub. If this is a boy we’ll need some baby clothes if it’s a girl, we should be fine for awhile.

    our biggest purchase is going to have to be a van. we will no longer fit in our taurus! Oh and we’ll probably need to buy a bunk bed or something after the baby is about 6 months or so. We still have to work out the space issue. Jeepers, now you have me thinking about a bunch of stuff. Maybe I should write a post of my own. lol
    .-= Jes´s last blog ..Modesty- unchanging or ever changing? =-.

  2. I love the graco snugride car seat. It’ll fit the specs and the price that you want!

  3. I say ask around to borrow an infant seat! Don’t buy one unless you absolutely have exhausted all resources. Sure, the recommendations are not to get one from a complete stranger (not knowing if its been in an accident), but ask people at church. Most people with a kid or two use an infant car seat for 6-9 months, and then it just sits there unused in their garage, languishing, wishing for a cute infant, until the family has their next. We were offered two (count them – two!) infant seats for free, from trusted friends who most definitely were not handing off accident-leftovers (we didn’t even have to do any asking – these were unsolicited offers). Post to your Facebook, asking local friends if someone has an available infant seat for December 2010 – June 2011 (approximately). Better yet, wait until you’re about 6 months along NOT now, as many people may not know that far out if they will be needing that seat themselves for their next baby ;-). To me, the reason to buy your own infant seat would be if you wanted a travel system, that consisted of a matching stroller and carseat, that snapped together, but it doesn’t sound like you’re considering that route. . . so borrow!
    .-= Susan´s last blog .. =-.

  4. We had an infant sear but I never carried it despite a winter baby. I usually carried her in my arms otherwise slin or my preferred Mai tei. Oh and you might end up with a pacifier: I am against them in principle. Then I had a baby who had a high need to suck. She suckde my fingers to fall asleep then I couldn’t sleep. We got her a pacifier! She still has high oral needs at 5.

  5. With the double stroller thing, I have three kids exactly 2 years apart. #1 loved to walk everywhere and was very good at staying by me, so I never bothered with a double stroller for #1 and #2.
    #2 was much later to walk though, so I had #2 and #3 in a double stroller which we used quite a bit but not all the time. For quite a while I used a sling for #3 which made things simpler – often I only took the single stroller out and I could put #3 in the sling if #2 got tired and needed a stroller.
    In your case, I’d see how you go with a single stroller and a sling, unless you see a good double stroller at a can’t-pass-up price.
    .-= Jane´s last blog ..Day 134: TGIF =-.

  6. I highly recommend the Graco snugride – it’s a great infant seat. And with 2 kiddos, you will appreciate the ability to snap the baby in and go rather than juggle the sling and a busy toddler.

    Keep in mind that your oldest boy will start becoming more independent and may not want to have anything to do with a stroller.

    I highly recommend putting out a request to friends, family and FreeCycle for some things like clothing, strollers, or a boppy. You should also check local consignment shops in your area – you can find great items there at a fraction of the cost!

    You’ve been very frugal so far – I wouldn’t hesitate to splurge a little (like on a Boppy) if it makes life easier/more comfortable.

    Also… don’t forget that this baby will be a whole new person… who just may need a pacifier… don’t rule anything out…

    Or if you’re like me… you discover that there are TWO babies in there… but that’s a whole other story! :-)

    Whatever you decide – I know you’ll do what’s best for your family!
    .-= Christina @ Northern Cheapskate´s last blog ..Free Eco-Friendly Gardening Workshop =-.

  7. And as far as the boppy. . . go with a My Brest Friend pillow instead! I LOVE mine, and they are much better suited to the adult female figure (and have some back support). They are SO much better than boppy, which was originally designed for special needs kids, not nursing. My Brest Friend pillow was my back saver the first few months with Hans. I did pick up a boppy a year or so ago at a tag sale ($1), but that’s for baby propping and mama sitting (for the post-partum period *wink*). For nursing, I will stick with My Brest Friend!

  8. I second the My Breast Friend pillow. I tried the boppy with my first and it doesn’t work well at all. It is flimsy and I found it didn’t hold my baby in place right. The Breast Friend pillow is much firmer and actually hooks on you so if you want to get up and move around with your baby it will stay in place. It is pricier but worth it.

    I also used the graco snugride with both of my (big) boys. They made it until around 6 months before they hit the height restriction.

    Good luck!

  9. Thanks for the suggestions so far! My cousin emailed me to tell me about those sit n stand strollers — that might be a good option for us if I do end up getting another stroller.

    I don’t mind spending a little money this time, because it really won’t be that much money anyway. This baby isn’t going to cost all that much and with the tax break I’ll probably be coming out ahead!

    Oh and Christina — had an ultrasound already and there’s just one baby in there! :) Unless another was somehow playing hide n’ seek…heh.

    Good advice on the Brest Friend pillow. I’ll check it out!

    See, this is why I blog. I tell you things, and you guys give me good advice and save me headaches and money!

  10. Somehow I missed the announcement. CONGRATS!!!!! So excited for you!
    .-= tiffany´s last blog ..A Father’s Day Gift for the Tech-Savvy Man in Your Life! (GIVEAWAY!!!) =-.

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