Mar 29 2010

A trip to a GFS


Have you ever been to a Gordon Food Service? I hadn’t, until today.

GFS is a store that provides bulk foods and catering goods to restaurants, caterers, organizations and individuals. There’s no membership fee.

I bought butter ($1.79 for four sticks), 2 lbs. of raisins ($3.99), 5 lbs. of shredded mozzerella ($10.99) and 5 lbs. shredded Mexican cheese (cheddar and Monterey jack blend, $12.99).

In some parts of the country (like if you have a Kroger, for example) you can get cheese for a really cheap price on sale. Isn’t it like $1/bag for 16 oz.? Or is it 8 oz.?

But here, I’ve never seen stores mark down cheese like that.

The GFS price on cheese is roughly what it is at Sam’s Club — but without the membership fee of course.

GFS had a large selection of spices, giant jars of condiments, and an obscenely large jar of pickles. Big bags of rice and flour, and miscellaneous prepackaged goods, and disposable catering trays, and that sort of thing. Oh, and they have 1 lb. packages of yeast for something like $4.

I didn’t see anything marked “organic” (but it doesn’t mean they don’t have any, I guess). Oh, and I didn’t see whole wheat berries. When I asked the cashier, she was like “Oh, you wanna be really healthy!” Hah.

Still looking for a local source for those.

If you have a GFS near you, it might be worth a stop in.

What deals have you seen at GFS?

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11 Responses to “A trip to a GFS”

  1. Do you not have a Whole Foods near you (or similar store) to get grains? That’s the most readily-available way for me to get grains.

    But if you don’t mind buying in buk (like 6 gallon buckets) and only once or twice a year, you can probably find an LDS church near you that could hook you up to a co-op for grains through Walton Feed. We bought grains through Walton Feed growing up (they’re a Mormon “preparedness” company), so when I moved up here I spent a year pining for my GA co-op until I thought to contact Walton Feed to see if there was a drop location near me and there was! They gave me the contact info for a local LDS group that orders grains once a year (some do it twice). My group orders in the spring and it comes in around October. The prices are really good, and the shipping is minimal, because they’re doing a whole truck at a time. I think a 6 gallon (45#) bucket was about $20 for me (give or take).
    .-= Susan ´s last blog ..Budget Tips for Newlyweds =-.

  2. Another idea are small country stores in Amish or Mennonite areas. (not sure if you live near any of these places or not). We live in an area where there are quite a few Amish people. They tend to cook simply and buy whole grains and all sorts of any type of food that is a whole, real piece of food in larger quantities. We have several little country stores that cater to these types of shoppers and you can find some terrific buys on meat, grains, fruit and even bedding plants.
    .-= Trixie´s last blog ..Crunchy Outside, Moist Inside Oven Fried Chops =-.

  3. Thanks for the tip. I had never heard of them and there is one nearby! I am going to check them out this weekend! Thanks again.

  4. Let me know what you think!

  5. We have one nearby, and I have used it now and again. For larger parties, church functions, or barbecues. I have found them to be lacking in healthier foods but is great for occasional larger parties. They even have candy that you can buy for resale for fundraising events, great for a few youth group events.
    .-= Ted´s last blog ..Saving money on business travelling. =-.

  6. That’s good stuff! I wish there was a gfs here Maine! We go through cheese like you wouldn’t believe in my family. Homemade pizza, cheesy eggs, you name it we put cheese on it (well, not everything but you get the idea)!

    Thanks for sharing your experiences!
    .-= Money Blog´s last blog ..Boat Buying Tips =-.

  7. I pulled out a couple Aldi receipts. On Sat. I paid $1.69 for 4 sticks of unsalted butter (I assume their the same weight as yours), so a bit lower than what you paid. The week before I paid $1.59/pound for a box of raisins, so a bit more than you paid. These aren’t high quality foods, or organic, but it doesn’t sound like GFS is offering a big selection of organic either. Aldi is much closer, so I don’t think I’ll go out of my way for GFS for now. But let me know if you find something spectacular on your next trip.

  8. Yeast is $3.97 for 2 pounds at Costco, but there’s the membership fee issue.

  9. We have a Sam’s, but not a GFS or really any other options for buying food in bulk. I’m pretty jealous – that store sounds great!
    .-= Christi´s last blog ..Menu Plan Monday =-.

  10. I love GFS! Actually I don’t there there to much anymore since I found a bulk natural food store about the same distance away from me, but I used to go there once a month and pick up a lot of our staples.

    and Susan – thanks for the tip on the LDS groups! I should look into it as I want to get my own grainmill here quite soon. :-)
    .-= Donielle @ Naturally Knocked Up´s last blog ..How to Start Cloth Diapering =-.

  11. Yeast is $3.97 for 2 pounds at Costco, but there’s the membership fee issue.

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