Mar 21 2010

Homemade peanut butter


In case you happened to catch this post on my personal blog, you saw that we’re trying to switch from synthetic foods to whole foods whenever possible.

With regard to processed foods, conventional products tend to have a lower price than organic or all-natural ones. To save money, I’m going to try to make more things from scratch.

Today, I made homemade peanut butter inspired by the process here.

I started with a little less than a pound of shelled peanuts obtained from a bulk bin for a little less than $1.99 lb. (I forget the exact price).

I dumped the peanuts and some sea salt into my blender and gave it a spin for awhile, stopping to stir it on occasion.

To help make it creamier, I added some coconut oil.

It’s pretty yummy! I haven’t tried any on bread yet. The peanut butter is quite thick and next time I might add some honey for additional flavor and smoothness.

Today’s batch made about 1.5 cups or so, and for less than $2 and just a little bit of time, I know it was a lot cheaper than other natural peanut butters, which can set you back $4-8.

What convenience food do you make homemade to save money and for better nutrition?

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12 Responses to “Homemade peanut butter”

  1. Yum! I’m sure Tony will want to try this. We’re addicted to Skippy Natural. It’s $2 for 12 ounces at Target, and the only ingredients are peanuts, sugar, palm oil, and salt. Nothing else. But it has the smooth consistency of regular peanut butter instead of that oily consistency of most natural brands. I am a peanut butter FREAK, and I honestly can tell a difference in the taste. Just another option in case you don’t feel like going the homemade route at some point in the future. :)
    .-= Karen´s last blog ..Instant comfort =-.

  2. Oh! And we make our own chicken stock, bread (sometimes, but a lot of the time we’re lazy and just buy it), pizza dough, pizza sauce, and marinara. Hmm. I’m sure we go the homemade route for other things, too, but those are the big ones that we make regularly. Sometimes the cost difference is surprisingly not that much, but the taste and health benefits are worth the trouble to us.
    .-= Karen´s last blog ..Instant comfort =-.

  3. I’ve had the Skippy Natural and it IS really yummy! I definitely paid more than you have. I’ll look for it at Target the next time I’m out that way.

  4. Wow, this is going to have to be our next project to try. I didn’t realize we could do it with our blender! Do you know what the shelf life is of homemade PB?
    .-= Christi´s last blog ..Date Night In =-.

  5. Making homemade peanut butter is fun! Glad you had a good time doing it :-).

    But have you check Whole Foods brand peanut butter, or Trader Joe’s? My brain is drawing a blank as to price, but I think in CT it’s right around $2/lb, which is definitely cheaper than any shelled peanuts we can get here. I’ve made peanut butter before, just for fun ;-), but couldn’t justify the time and lack of savings when Whole Foods peanut butter is so good without the additives and hydrogenated oils and stuff. (Also, just fyi, pre-shelled peanuts in bins are most likely rancid, or moldy, or both, so you might want to consider that. . . )

    But isn’t making from scratch so fun? :-) Sometimes I make things like nut butter for fun, rather than for savings. But for savings and health, let me see. . . definitely bone broth, pretty much all our breads and muffins (except hamburger buns – gotta work on that), that sort of thing. When I’m not nauseated pregnant we pretty much avoid any processed foods. I do a lot of white sauces (or variations of those) in place of condensed soups. Lots of homemade soups in the winter with homemade broth. Stuff like that.
    .-= Susan ´s last blog .. =-.

  6. Oh gross–I hope those nuts aren’t bad!

    Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods are a bit of a drive for me, so I’ve only been a couple of times. Sounds like there are some deals for natural peanutbutters out there. I guess the places I’ve looked so far have just been a bit high!

  7. I make homemade pancake syrup. It is so easy and no high fructose corn syrup. I got the recipe off of hillbilly

  8. I would love to come have some with you! :) It sounds great!
    .-= Mrs. Money´s last blog ..Sunday Link Love =-.

  9. When crusty French bread and rolls go stale, I don’t throw them out. Instead, I throw them in the blender and add it to a jar that I keep of homemade bread crumbs. Much tastier (and cheaper) than store-bought.
    .-= Bargain Junkie´s last blog ..BARGAINING: DOS AND DON’TS =-.

  10. As a PB fiend, is there any chance you could supplement or expand on this with measurements or portions?

  11. Hmm, measurements. It was .83 lb of peanuts (seriously! I looked at my receipt) and a glob of coconut oil. Glob was oh, 1-2t? I wish I could be more precise! I really just eyeballed it. There are definitely more precise recipes out there if you google it.

  12. bread, breakfast bars, hamburger buns, salad dressings, applesauce… I try to make everything from scratch if I can!! I even made tortillas this week. I haven’t tried PB though because I didn’t have a food processor. But someone gave me one this week!

    .-= Vanderbilt Wife´s last blog ..Losing It: Week 5 =-.

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