Feb 01 2010

Viewing Netflix on your Wii or other systems


Soon, you’ll be able to view on-demand content from Netflix on your Wii! My pal Whitney told me about this, and it sounds like a decent way to have cheap entertainment so I thought I’d pass it on.

You can already view Netflix on-demand content on your X-Box 360, PS3, internet-connected Blu-Ray players and TVs, and of course your computer.

A few months ago, we bought a plain jane DVD player since ours had broken. It was $30. I briefly toyed with the idea of buying a more expensive Blu-Ray player since you could also use it to watch DVDs and watch videos on the internet (not limited to Netflix content).

Since we don’t have a big fancy HD TV, and have no plans of getting one any time soon, a Blu-Ray player didn’t seem worth an extra $100 or so.

And now, I’m really glad we didn’t get the player, especially since we have a Wii.

Sometime this spring, you’ll be able to watch Netflix on-demand videos on your Wii! Read more information about it here.

Of course, you’ll need a Netflix account. You can get the cheapest membership at $8.99/month (that’s 1 DVD out at a time, plus unlimited streaming videos).

If you’ve never had a Netflix account, you can get a free trial. ALSO — don’t forget to sign up for Netflix by using another site’s portal to get an additional discount.

Here are a few:

Swagbucks* — go to “Ways to earn” tab, click “Special offers,” and under the “more” drop-down menu item, select DVDs. You should see Netflix on that list. You’ll get 75 Swagbucks. Don’t forget, you can swap 45 Swagbucks for a $5 Amazon gift card!

MyPoints — you can get 1,000 points for starting a Netflix account. With 1,500 points, you can usually get a $10 gift. Let me know if I can e-mail you a referral link for MyPoints.

Ebates *– this looks like the best deal. You can get $13 cash back! If you’re a new Ebates member, you’ll also get a $5 bonus, so there’s $18. Remember, you need $5.01 in earned cash back to get an Ebates cashout, and the Netflix deal would certainly do that.

Know of any other deal site portals to get Netflix?

Of course, it’s only a good deal if you’ll actually use your account. You can put your account on a vacation hold if you’ll be away or busy for awhile. You might find that renting DVDs from Redbox is a better deal for your usage, especially if you use free codes. A better use of your time and money might be borrowing DVDs from the library. Or reading a book from the library. ;-)

Edited to add: You can watch seasons 1-5 of LOST with Netflix on-demand! How fantastic is that? Is anyone else super-excited for the season 6 premiere tomorrow? kthxbai.

*Referral link

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4 Responses to “Viewing Netflix on your Wii or other systems”

  1. Awesome!! Thanks for the tip. I think we may do this when it comes available to the Wii!
    .-= Mrs. Money´s last blog ..Is Being Frugal Always Being Different? =-.

  2. I just found out that Netflix allows you to suspend your account for no charge. I’m going to be quitting my job soon and trying to lower our expenses (not an easy task). Since the baby came I’ve barely had time to watch tV, let alone movies. So as much as I love Netflix, I suspended my account until at least mid April. I didn’t even know this was an option and I’m so glad they offer this instead of out right canceling.

    Once we’re able to afford things like that again it’s great to know we can watch movies someday on Wii. It’s such a great invention. :)
    .-= megscole64´s last blog ..Understanding =-.

  3. Too bad it doesn’t work with an original x-box. I still love Netflix though. It makes good entertainment a lot more affordable. I rarely go to the movies and don’t have cable, so my $18-a-month 3-movies-at-a-time plan still ends up being a really good deal.
    .-= Diana´s last blog ..“Lost… in the woods somewhere” =-.

  4. Redbox is so cool. Ever wonder how they stock all those movies in that small box? They also have bluray movies too. A convenient way to rent and return.

    Come visit my site at http://moneyhoneysf.blogspot.com/
    .-= MoneyHoneySF´s last blog ..To become rich, stop acting like it =-.

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