Jan 19 2010

Thrifting: Think beyond Goodwill


When you think of thrift stores, is Goodwill the first one to come to mind?

It might be the only thrift store in your area. But chances are, there are at least a few others — local and national charities.

I’ve found my share of decent finds at Goodwill stores. But I’ve found even better deals at thrift stores such as St. Vincent de Paul and the Salvation Army.

Take today for example.

Johnny and I stopped in the St. Vincent de Paul because Tuesdays are “kid” days there. It’s half-off children’s clothing, books and games.

  • I picked up a size 2T winter coat that I anticipate he’ll be able to wear next year for $2.
  • Some like-new New Balance tennis shoes for Johnny for $1
  • A stack of books in excellent condition ranging in price from $0.20 to $1 each
  • Trivial Pursuit 20th Anniversary Edition with game cards still in the original wrapper for $2

And that was just one day of thrifting!

I picked up a schedule of what’s on sale when and keep it on my bulletin board.

The Salvation Army also has various sale days, and you could probably get at copy of their schedule there.

Of course, the types of deals you’d be able to find absolutely depend on the donations that store receives. Some people donate to Goodwill and Goodwill only. I like to share my donations among my favorite stores.

If you haven’t thrifted lately, or if you’ve never been to another thrift store besides Goodwill, be sure to check ’em out!

Edited to add: Some thrift stores are more picky about the quality of goods they’ll put on your shelves. If you think one store has nothing but junk, try somewhere else! You might find lots of new or nearly new items!

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7 Responses to “Thrifting: Think beyond Goodwill”

  1. I LOVE finding great books at thrift stores. I always come back with a pile, and rarely spend over 25 cents a book for titles that are frequently in brand new condition!
    Planning ahead and buying a coat that will fit next year if you see one is GENIUS – true thrifting genius. Great idea!
    .-= Keri´s last blog ..Menu Monday =-.

  2. I just recently discovered a baby consignment store and I am totally hooked. I took in several bags of things yesterday and got $150 in credit!!! =) SO excited (of course, that included a Baby Bjorn and some Dr Brown bottles but also lots of clothes). Their prices for really nice outfits are in the $7-$12 range but compared to Macy’s that is a steal. They have onesies for $1! I have gotten his swing there as well as a little rocker thing for him. I’m definitely pro thrift shop but it has to be one that is picky in what they accept. I can’t stomach going into our goodwill or value villages. Although my mom loves to hunt for good quality bargains. =)

  3. My husband is a free-lancer and frequently unemployed. He started a cottage industry by selling books online that he picks up on the cheap and thrift stores, yard sales, etc. We now have close to 10,000 rare books and a regular income from this fun hobby!

  4. 10,000 books — WHOA! And way to be entrepreneurial about it! My husband and I sold $1,000 worth of books on Amazon once year in college. They were all in the “discard” bin at book buy-back time. To be clear, these were books in the trash. So we took ’em and sold them online and made quite a bit!

  5. Awesome finds! There are NO thriftstores near me… i’d have to go downtown (*shudder*) or the other side of the city… :( Wish there was though…
    .-= ~Carla~´s last blog ..Let’s get fit with the Wii!! =-.

  6. I have discovered that some Goodwill and Value Village stores are better than others. Great idea on the books. I hadn’t thought of that.

  7. Great finds! There are several great thrift stores in the town about 15 minutes from our house, and I do all of our non-food shopping there. Even our son’s diapers are made from old fleece sweatshirts and t-shirts that I got at thrift stores.
    .-= Frugal Babe´s last blog ..Sites I’m Loving Right Now =-.

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