Nov 11 2009

Save money on shoes by fixing the ones you have


Break a shoe? If you really liked the shoe, see if you can get it fixed before throwing it out!

If a heel breaks, the soles need repair, the stitching is coming undone, etc., there’s a chance a cobbler can fix it for you. Depending on how much it will cost you to replace the item, it might be a better deal to fix the shoe instead.

Search the Yellow Pages or Google Maps to find a shoe repair store near you.

Also, if your shoes are simply looking dingy, duh — wash them! Depending on the material, you can wash them by hand or in your washing machine, or perhaps add a bit of shoe polish.

It’s cheap and it’s a great way to extend the life of your shoes.

Works for me!

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6 Responses to “Save money on shoes by fixing the ones you have”

  1. I have been thinking about this very thing lately. I realized that shoe repair has become a thing of the past. What a wasteful society we have become.
    I am going to look up shoe repair as I have a pair that I would like to keep.

  2. Shoemakers’ prices vary from neighborhood to neighborhood, as do other services. I had an ink stain on a silk cocktail dress. My fancy neighborhood cleaner wanted twenty dollars, with no guarantee that the stain would come out. I had only paid two bucks for the dress at a rummage sale, so I decided to shop around. I tried another local place, and they assured me ink stains are impossible to remove.
    I left my neighborhood and went to a dry cleaner in a less yuppified area. They removed the stain on the spot, and charged me eight bucks. I also discovered that their tailor charges half of what I pay at my local seamstress. Location, location, location.
    We have found this same location rule to be true of auto mechanics: prices are lower in blue-collar neighborhoods, and the quality of the work can be excellent. Of course, it takes a little time to get there, and I sometimes succumb to laziness and pay extra for the convenience of nearby shops.
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  3. YES YES! I took shoes to get fixed in NYC once, I think it was $10 for $60 shoes (of course, they broke again, think they have a faulty strap).

    I actually also am planning to take a pair of boots to get fixed here if it ever stops snowing. I have really nice boots I paid >$100 for and the little bit on the heel has come off. Definitely worth the $5-$10 I imagine it will cost to fix on my fave pair of shoes. (And an added bonus, there’s a shoe man in the commercial building in my apartment complex!)
    .-= Brittany´s last blog ..I know, this is getting old. =-.

  4. Shoe repair is a great idea for expensive shoes but cheaper ones often can’t be repaired or cost more to fix than they cost to purchase initially.
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  5. And, by the way, that is totally *not* my blog post that Comment Luv is pointing to! It seems to go to someone else’s blog first, then changes to something called blogpop!! Arrgh.

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