Oct 30 2009

Johnny’s first Halloween costume


I’ve never been ultra into Halloween. I don’t like to scare people or be scared. But, I think dressing up can be a lot of fun and of course I love candy and treats :)

This is my son’s first Halloween. At 10 months old, he couldn’t care less.

I decided to dress him up just for the sake of a cute photo. We won’t be going to any parties or trick-or-treating this year. However, I’m hopeful that a few neighborhood kiddos will knock on my door so I can see their costumes and give them some candy bars. We’ll see!


baby jack in the box halloween costumeTee hee! And no, he wasn’t in the box in the first picture, silly goose!

This little get-up was made with items we already had. I took a small box that we use for toys and threw a baby blanket around it for color. Threw some makeup on a squirmy kid and ta-da! I also made a “hat” out of some colorful striped baby pants and I taped a little plastic ball to the feet on each side. Johnny doesn’t like wearing hats for even a second, so oh well.

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12 Responses to “Johnny’s first Halloween costume”

  1. CUTE!
    .-= Vanessa (Last Night’s Leftovers)´s last blog ..Maple Butternut Squash =-.

  2. Soooo cute! :)
    .-= Becky@FamilyandFinances´s last blog ..What I Got for $1.49 =-.

  3. That is really cute! Marshal is only 1 month so no costume this year. But I’ve got several cute Halloween outfits and lots of photos with him in them. :) Next year should be fun…he’ll be just over a year old.
    .-= megscole64´s last blog ..New Priorities =-.

  4. Nobody puts baby in the… box! :) That is so cute!

  5. hahhahaha. POP! goes the weasel. That is adorable. And he looks like he’s having so much fun with it!!! I hope some kids come by to trick-or-treat and get to see him :) have fun!
    .-= Brittany´s last blog ..Sick, Again =-.

  6. You and your Jack-in-the-box should trick-or-treat at our house. So cute! I love the high eyebrows. We only took Roanin to a couple houses last year to show off his costume, but this year he’s very excited. I made him a lion costume out of a coat we already had. It cost me less than $5 in half-priced material at JoAnns, and came out really well, if I do say so myself. He thinks it’s hilarious when I act scared when he roars! We’ll see how many houses he and Daddy get to this year.

  7. He is ADORABLE! LOOK AT HIM! THAT SMILE! It’s too much. I can’t take it. :-D What a wonderful idea, Kacie!! :-D
    .-= beth@thenaturalmommy´s last blog ..Meet-and-Greet: A Yoda, a Spider, and a Princess =-.

  8. Aw, he’s adorable! I’m ashamed to say it, but I haven’t been here since pretty early on in your pregnancy! I used AOL and stored all of my favorites on there and usually visited most of them during the week. I guess I’ve forgotten about a lot of favorites since getting rid of AOL :( I’ve missed a lot!
    .-= Tiffany´s last blog ..A Message from Lemony Snicket =-.

  9. Well, welcome back, Tiffany! I’m glad you gave AOL the boot.

  10. This is too cute, Kacie! What an adorable baby :)

  11. Very adorable!! I love this costume idea. When my boys were 1 and 3.5, I dressed them up as little angels. I put a white t-shirt on them both, sewed some wings to the back (bought some goldenrod colored felt and cut out wings) then put a rope/belt around the waistline of each t-shirt. They were so adorable. :-) I also wanted to mention I’m having a book giveaway over at my blog – an autographed copy of Pioneer Woman Cooks cookbook. The contest ends Nov. 17th.
    .-= Mrs. Accountability´s last blog ..Meeting Pioneer Woman at Changing Hands Bookstore in Tempe, Arizona =-.

  12. That’s soooooooooooo cute!!! He’s adorable!
    .-= Nessa´s last blog ..Ten On Tuesday_ Remake Edition =-.

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