Oct 22 2009

A story about my phone charger


Last week, we visited family in Indiana. Space cadet that I am, I left my cell phone charger behind. My battery was on its last legs. Uh-oh.

None of the fittings for my husband’s universal charger would fit. My phone is from an alternate universe, apparently.

I stopped in an AT&T store to see if I could pick up a cheapie charger to get me through the next few days.

The salesman must have thought I had an “I can’t do simple math” sign on my face.

He tried to sell me a $50 charger package for my $30 Go Phone. Um, hi, I could just buy an entirely new $30 phone since it also comes with a charger. No thanks.

I asked if I could plug my phone into the store display while we continued to chat to give it a little boost.

He then tried to get me to upgrade my phone plan, or add a line to it, so I could get a “free” phone.

“Dude — you’re wasting your time telling me that nonsense,” I wanted to say.

Instead, I told him, “What with the economy and all, I can’t pay that much.” I tried not to snicker. Actually, I couldn’t pay that much for a charger out of principle. It was just too much!

AT&T guy was out of options, so I left.

Shane got home and looked through his universal chargers and gadgets once again. Still no solution.

He then thought to look at the batteries of our two Nokia cell phones. They were practically identical. Probably fraternal twins.

Though his charger wouldn’t work for my phone, his battery would. He charged his battery inside his phone with his charger, then swapped out the batteries and repeated the process.

Victory! My husband is so smart. And it was free!

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5 Responses to “A story about my phone charger”

  1. Lucky you that he thought of checking the batteries!!!! My phone has a USB charger and it is the same size as my old phone so I now have multiple chargers for it…

  2. great idea! good thing your hubby is so smart and thought of that genious idea! :)
    .-= Cassie´s last blog ..How to NOT lose weight. =-.

  3. I love the fact that men think so differently from women ( not that we’re dumb, just different)!

  4. Good to know! What a money making racket that is.
    .-= Steph´s last blog ..Free Kraft Products ($40 worth) Request Again! =-.

  5. true story: when i lived in NYC, i used to go to the Apple store to charge my iPhone when it was low on battery while I was out all day and needed my phone to communicate w/ people, make plans, etc. Especially cool bc the one on Fifth Ave. is 24 hours! I went there once around midnight and just plopped my phone down on one of the cradles for 15 min while i pretended to be interested in looking at their iPhone :) works like a charm!

    Mad props to shane for his ingenuity!
    .-= Brittany´s last blog ..The Best Market in Beijing? =-.

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