Sep 09 2009

Dave Ramsey giving away $1,000 per day for 9 days


This just came across my Facebook news feed:

Blake: Okay, we’ve made you wait long enough. For the next 9 days we are giving away $999 a day! Plus, Dave is throwing in $1 to make it an even $1000! Enter to win your baby emergency fund today by texting BABY to 99158 or visiting There’s a new keyword each day so be sure to tune in or visit to get the keyword of the day.

Oh, heck yeah! Fortunately, we already have our emergency fund intact. If I win, it’ll be going toward the house fund. Baby steps, people!

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3 Responses to “Dave Ramsey giving away $1,000 per day for 9 days”

  1. Thanks for this info! I just signed up!

  2. Thanks for the info! Where on the Dave Ramsey site do you find the next keyword?

  3. I’m just getting it from the Facebook link. I’m a “fan” of Dave Ramsey on there so that’s why it’s popping up. Not sure about any other ways to get the keyword. Good luck!

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