Aug 24 2009

Big Old Navy sale! And codes!


If you need t-shirts, polos or other basics, hop over to fast!

But before you do, you’ll want to go to Ebates *and click through that. This week, you’ll get a whopping 8% cash back! Woo hoo!

Once you’re on the web site, check out their “fundamentals” on sale. I picked up t-shirts for $4 (after coupon codes) and polos for $7.20. And I got my big-footed baby some socks for $1 per pair.

Use this code for free shipping, no matter the size of your order: SHIPFREE

Additional codes:

  • Code SAVE15 for 15% off $75
  • Code SAVE20 for 20% off $100

Since I live in the great commonwealth of Pennsylvania, there’s no sales tax on clothing.

I had a recent ephiphany that I wanna share with you real quick. I’m a tallish gal — 5’10”. I have long known to buy pants with a long inseam. But it only recently occured to me that, hi, my sleeves are always a bit too short, my belly sometimes peeks out of the bottom of shirts, and lots of shirts just plain don’t fit right.

Well duh! I need to buy shirts in TALL sizes. Just like ladies with small proportions need to wear petite clothing, us tall timbers ought to outfit ourselves with tall clothes.

Old Navy, Banana Republic and Gap all have bottoms and tops with our proprotions, but they’re only available online. Other stores are catching on — I’ve seen tall sizes at JCPenny, Chadwick’s and JCrew. Not that I can afford anything at JCrew…but just so ya know. Are there any other tall-catering stores you’d like to share?

P.S., I saw some of these codes on BabyCheapskate, woo hoo!

* Affiliate link

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3 Responses to “Big Old Navy sale! And codes!”

  1. woa… you’ve got a new look! if you’ve had it for a long time forgive me, I have a habit of reading your blog in my google reader. just wanted to say thanks for the codes!

  2. *sigh* So there goes $150. *grin* I bought some basics and with ebates it really is a good deal. Plus free shipping. Just wish no tax. Blech.

  3. Thanks! It’s fairly recent. I’m not done tinkering with it, so that’s why I haven’t said anything about it.

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