Aug 03 2009

Cheap meal inspiration on the Food Network


I just happened to be watching the Food Network this afternoon [Sidetrack: OK — I don’t pay for cable. The cable guy was unable to install our cable and internet correctly, and he said his only option was to splice our cable with the neighbor’s. The neighbor apparently has paid cable. I get the benefits. Lucky me, I guess.]

Anyway. I was watching Sandra’s Money Saving Meals and I saw several things that might be worth a try. Sandra finds cheaper ways to make recipes and breaks down the cost for you. The actual costs appear on the program only, it seems.

Many cheaper methods include doing lots of prepwork yourself. For example, today she recommended to shred your own cheese from a block rather than buying prepackaged shredded cheese. Here are some more of Sandra’s money-saving tips.

You’ll have to do actual cost-comparisons at your own grocery store, of course.

I plan on trying her recipe for black bean burgers and black bean enchiladas. The enchiladas are made with leftovers from the burgers — redoing leftovers seems to be a special feature of her show and I love it.

The site features her recipes on the show and might serve as some inspiration for cheap, healthy meals.

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4 Responses to “Cheap meal inspiration on the Food Network”

  1. I’m actually starting to go back to the basics. I remember my mom telling stories about how her mom used everything and didn’t waste a thing. Using the whole chicken, etc. I’m actually quit excited about it!

  2. I would try this, except:

    1. I’m too lazy and cheese is relatively cheap
    2. I can’t find any cheese blocks small enough that won’t go bad before I can eat it all

  3. I eat what some people call the paleo diet, or the caveman diet.

    That means I eat a lot of meat, which can be very expensive.

    I’ve had good luck keeping costs down by buying in bulk, when my local grocery store (Ralphs) puts ground beef on sale.

    About once a month, they sell the 5 lb vacuum tubes for 99 cents a pound, and when they do, I stock up.

    Right now I have about 25lbs of ground beef in my freezer!


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