Jul 28 2009

It’s ok to be ‘unfrugal’ once in awhile!


Don’t worry about being “unfrugal” once in awhile.

On occasion, I’ve seen some personal finance/frugal bloggers lament some purchases or practices that to the community might appear “unfrugal.”

Friends, being frugal doesn’t mean pinching pennies every second of every day, going without things that give us joy or somehow enhance our lives. No ma’am — we’re frugal in other areas so that we can afford to enjoy some of life’s indulgences!

What is better — having a huge bank account full of money (that you are pained to spend, no doubt) and avoiding purchasing something because it doesn’t fit the frugal label … or doing your best to be good stewards with the money God gave you and buying things now and then that improve your life?

Take care of your bills and savings and be generous with others and yourself. That’s the whole point of frugal living, isn’t it?

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4 Responses to “It’s ok to be ‘unfrugal’ once in awhile!”

  1. Totally agree with you! I am saving and saving and saving for a trip to Napa next month. I am cutting way back so I can afford to have a really great time.

    It’s much like why I work out. I do it so that I CAN have that piece of cake!

  2. Well said, lady! I always feel the same way when I see other people talk about making “unfrugal” choices. I always think, “Go ahead! You deserve it!” But I can’t get over myself and spend a little without feeling guilty! Hopefully I’ll get over it someday.

  3. I agree. I kick myself sometimes when I make stupid financial mistakes, but whatever. You can’t take it with you. :)

  4. Amen sista!

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