Jun 09 2009

I am 24 now! That’s TWO DOZEN


I just took another trip around the sun again. I’m 24! What? 

This is my first birthday as a full-fledged mom. Last year, I was just plain ol pregnant. This time, I have a new appreciation for what it means to celebrate a birthday. I wished my mother a happy “birth day” because now I know the kind of work she had to do to get me here! Man oh man.

To celebrate my birthday, I visited Freebies4Mom to check out the birthday freebies. I used a coupon for a free entree from Moe’s (that restaurant and Panera’s are my favorite two restaurants for dining out with my baby right now!). I might also see about getting some free ice cream or other goodies.

Last year, I wrote a post of 23 things I learned that year. Check it out if ya wanna. 

Since turning 23, I’ve learned the immense joy that it is to be a mother. My life has changed so profoundly that I can’t even explain it, so I’ll just leave it at that.

Financially speaking, I’ve learned that it takes more money than a down payment to buy a house — closing costs, prepaids and plenty of other miscellaneous expenses. It takes more money than I have right now and it’ll be worth the wait to buy something when we’ve got more money. 

If it isn’t too much trouble, won’t you delurk and leave a comment? If you’ve never commented here before, please introduce yourself, tell me about what you’re doing lately, what you’d like to read about here, or share a lolcat or a fail or something funny with me.

I’ve got 1000+ subscribers and I’m hoping to hear from most of you!

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42 Responses to “I am 24 now! That’s TWO DOZEN”

  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Not really delurking, as I’m not a lurker, just a PFblogger, but just wanted to say one thing:

    You’re OLD! :-D

    I’ll stay 22 for another 7 months, thank you very much. I’ll also stay on this side of the Commonwealth – you folks out west are craaaazy…. :-P

  3. Delurking as requested! Happy Birthday from Auckland, New Zealand! I’m a student teacher (still studying) so making the most out of my dollars is important to me.

  4. Happy Birthday, girl! Congrats on 24!

    I had no idea you had 1000+ subscribers. That’s awesome!

  5. Happy Birthday Kacie!

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you have a fantastic day! :)

  7. Happy Birthday!

  8. Hi Kacie! Happy birthday. I’m a 22 yr old college grad, starting law school in the fall. I love reading your site – it’s helping my fiance and I save money left and right! :)

  9. Happy birthday!!

  10. ?????? …does that show up? That’s Happy Brithday in Chinese. Hope you have a wonderful day and congrats on paying off the car before your birthday! My son (three months older than yours) was born on the day my last student loan payment cleared the bank. It’s such a great feeling to be debt free now. Blessings!

  11. okay, I guess the site won’t recognize the Chinese. Happy Birthday!

  12. Bonne Fete from Canada…

    I really enjoy your blog..and enjoy this season of motherhood…

  13. Happy Birthday! This is my anniversary as well so doubly happy.

  14. Happy Birthday!!


  15. Hey Kacie,
    Happy Birthday!!! I just wanted to say thanks for all the entertainment you provide! I love checking your posts because they are always fun and relevant, plus I like to hear how little Johnny is coming along =D Your work has inspired to me to get my own blog (in the process of getting it all set-up!) and also be a better person with my finances. Thanks so much for the blessing you have been!

    Hope you have a truly awesome birthday!!!

  16. I hope you have the most fantastic birthday!!!!

  17. Not delurking as I have commented before, but wanted to make sure to stop by and say Happy Birthday!! Hope it is fantastic!

  18. Hey, Happy Birthday! I just moved here (Pgh area) from Texas and I was trying to find coupon matching blogs for the grocery stores here – thats how I found you. So if you know any other good sites let me know. Unfortunately I’m limited to Foodland & ShopNSave where I live and I’m not finding much out there for those stores!

  19. Happy Birthday! I stumbled upon your site when I was looking for frugal inspiration. I am a 37 yo SAHM of 3 kids (twin girls 12 and boy 9) in NJ. I have been frugal for most of my marriage (17years). I didn’t grow up with much so I figured when we did have the money might as well buy it. Now I know we have to budget. Since the recession hit I have reorganized my finances. Instead of saving heavily for a newer car (mine is 11yo and falling apart) I put most of that money into a 3month emergency fund. Now I am concentrating on saving what I can from our income into different ING accounts. I am still hoping for that newer car but I am only saving $100 a month. I also want to add more money to increase our emergency fund to 6 months.

    The bulk of our unspent money is going towards our only debt — the mortgage. If we continue to pay the minimum it will be paid off in 7 years. I hope we can cut that in half or down to 5 years. That would be awesome!

    Reading your site keeps me focused on my goals. Especially when I want to spend money on unnecessary things. Keep up with the inspiration. And good luck on the move!

    Ericka in NJ

  20. Happy Birthday! You’ve done so much in 24 years, congradulations on all your successes and I hope it continues in the coming year!

  21. Hello and Happy Birthday to you!!!

    I found your site through the PF network on Blog Her last year and I’m so glad I did.

    I’ve really enjoyed reading here and appreciate you and your husband’s view of finances.



  22. http://www.lolcats.com/view/9063

    Happy Birthday Kacie!!!!

  23. hey, happy birthday!

    Hi! Nice to meet you… I’m a 26 yo, back to living with her parents as of last year to pay off debts and start fresh. I’ve lived on my own for 8 years, did really well, but a separation and the fact that expenses are no more divided in two force my hand and I decide to go back to my folks. I’ll be debt free in December 2010, that’s only 1yr and a half away! Right now I’m paying my car off then it’ll be time to pay the student loan.

    I have a hard time telling myself that I can’t afford some things that I really want (no extravagant vacay this summer, no cellphone, no much new clothing) but don’t we all. I’m trying to find a balance and finding fun things to do that are cheap.

    Thank you for your advices, they give me great ideas and help me live a more balanced life. Have a great day!

  24. Happy Birthday!! :) I really enjoy reading both of your blogs.

    I turn 24 this month as well, on June 21.

  25. Happy Birthday Kacie!

  26. Happy Birthday Kacie!

  27. Happy Birthday Kacie!!

  28. Happy Birthday to you!

  29. Happy Birthday! I just came to the scary realization that my 26 birthday is just around the corner and that means I will officially be closer to 30 than to 20. I hear ya on the costs for buying a house– I’m in the same boat. But just do what the brilliant ladies of The Power of Small suggest: make small changes and watch your life change!

  30. Happy Birthday, Kacie!

    Thank you so much for all you do. You continue to inspire me on daily basis!

    Enjoy your day!

  31. I think my finger got carpal tunnel scrolling down through the comments just so I could say…


    I cannot tell you how glad I am you blog – how glad I am I found your blog. Overall, I’m just pretty fu**ing glad you were born so I can be reading you now.

    Because it’s all about me and my happiness. Even on your birthday. LMAO

    That being said I hope you get to do something super fun, even if that just means relaxing for a while :)

  32. Happy Birthday Kacie! Thanks for your blog, it is awesome. Enjoy your day.

  33. Happy birthday, Kacie! I hope it’s a blast.

  34. Not really delurking since I commented once or twice before, but Happy Birthday! I’m a relative newlywed, both of us work and feel that frugal living is the proper way to be good stewards of our many blessings. We are working on a few home improvement projects to make our house fit our needs (and possibly a family!) and working towards paying off student loans, car payments, etc. Love your blog for practical ideas, common sense, and some fun of course! Keep it up and Happy Birthday!

  35. Happy Birthday!!

  36. Happy Birthday, Kacie! My husband’s birthday is today, so I think I’ll bake a cake and when he thanks me…I’ll tell him it was really for you, but he can sure have a piece! :)

    I love your blog and your down-to-earth, lay-it-all-on-the-line writing style…and congrats on all of the subscribers! I admire anyone who can keep up with a website with a new baby!

    Sorry I’m late, but wanted to stop by and wish you all the best for the coming year!

  37. Happy birthday! Only 13 more to catch up to me. :)

  38. Happy Birthday–a couple of days late:-) Hope you had a fun celebration.

  39. Happy belated birthday!

  40. Hi I’m one of your 1000+ subscribers. I really enjoy your blog!

  41. I hope you had a happy birthday! I just found the blog and you have some very interesting reading.

  42. Moe’s restaurant reminds me of that bar from Simpsons. :D
    Happy birthday to you! You’re a young mom too, huh? Just like my mom… I think by the time she was 24, she already has 2 kids (I was the other one).

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