Jun 02 2009

June outlook: A shrinking housing fund


This should be a fun month for us, but unfortunately we won’t be seeing my “housing savings” widget in my sidebar grow by much. In fact, if I’m being real with myself, it’s going to drop from 2% to probably 0%.

We’ll need to cough up about $800 for our apartment deposit, $500 or so to hire movers (no, I am NOT going to move myself, thankyouverymuch. My bed is huge and heavy, it’s too much of a hassle with all our steps + baby, and I’m just plain not going to do it to save $400. kthxbai) … $273 in pro-rated rent for our new place, oh, and a new set of tires for the car.

So that’s what, $2,000? Great. 

While it’s frustrating to see our house savings so low (and even drop!), I know that this is temporary.

We should get most of that $800 deposit back when we move out of the new place. 

Our rent and presumably our living expenses will decrease once we move. We should get our deposit back for our current apartment.

My ticker will start growing again soon. 

I just have to be patient.

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3 Responses to “June outlook: A shrinking housing fund”

  1. $800 deposit!? It always makes me mad that apartments charge SO much for a deposit. We never did get ours back, because the complex got bought 4 times in the 3 years we lived there, and even though we had the original rental agreement they said it wasn’t valid anymore.

  2. That’s awful! If you still have your lease agreement for that place, you might consider taking them to small claims court. I’m pretty sure they have to honor your original lease, even though it’s under new ownership. Did the management tell you they no longer had to honor your deposit, or did a judge? You should be able to get your deposit back plus interest. Hassle, but it might be worth it for several hundred dollars.

  3. Aww… hang in there! Life has been “extra” harder since the crisis. But just do your best. I’m sure something good is in store for you and your family.

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