Jun 30 2009

June reflections and July hopes


Just as I predicted at the beginning of June, we spent a lot of money. We didn’t actually have to tap our emergency fund to put tires on our car, but that’s because I haven’t gotten around to buying tires yet. Um.

Some financial happenings from the month:

  • Our move was cheaper than anticipated, thanks to the brute strength and determination of Shane, his dad and my dad. We did it ourselves through Budget truck rentals instead of hiring movers as originally planned.
  • Since U-Haul flaked on my truck reservation, they kept their guarantee and gave me $50. Thanks!
  • We bought a new couch. I’m sitting on it now. Worth the money.
  • I’m building a stash of cloth diapers for Johnny. The initial expense is, well, expensive, but in theory we’ll save a lot of money by going this route. I’m keeping track of my CD purchases, and so far I’ve spent about $100. I’m not done buying yet. I just found a local CD retailer (Pittsburgh Cloth Diapers) and I’m going to check some out in person before buying. If you aren’t local, that site offers free shipping in the lower 48! Prices are competitive and there are discount codes.
  • I tossed a bunch of condiments and abandoned frozen foods from our old place. I then went to Aldi near my new place and restocked up. I could have saved some money if I bought a cooler or made one somehow, but I just didn’t plan it in advance. Moving is spendy.

Financial things for July:

  • By golly, I’m going to buy 4 tires this month. It’s time. I hope I can find a good deal and get a set that will truly last a lot of miles. I hope I can keep this under $500. Ick.
  • We bought a used Wii* on Amazon tonight. It was $159 + shipping but no sales tax. I had one $5 Amazon gift card thanks to my Swagbucks searches *. We also bought the EA Sports Active game* and multiplayer pack*. Ought to be a good source of entertainment on my free TV, plus a good way to exercise. We’ll scope out a nearby second-hand video games shop to get some more games.
  • We’ll need some shelves, curtains, and miscellany for our new place.
  • I expect to get $150 back from our old apartment. The deposit was $200 and they’re keeping like $50 for the carpets to be cleaned.
  • I expect a $100 gift card from Rent.com for our current apartment referral.

You’re welcome, economy. I’m stimulating the heck out of you right now! Hopefully our purchases will start to simmer down. I do think we’ll be able to add to our house savings this month. I really want to see that ticker start to move in the right direction.

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Jun 26 2009

Leased Land Rovers and cloth diapers


I was at the mall this morning. There was a new Land Rover parked inside. You could lease it for “only” $799 per month for 36 months! And only $1,500 or so down, or a trade-in.

Oh my stinkin’ word.

That’s more than I pay for rent. And it’s just a car. I don’t think it even looked that cool.

So you could pay $28,800 + the down payment over a period of three years, but be sure you don’t go over 10,000 miles per year or you’ll pay extra. At the end of the lease, you’ll have to return the car.

If there’s anyone out there who thinks leasing a car for that amount of money is a good idea, please smack ’em.

I was at the mall today to buy some cloth diapers from a mom. I picked up 18 new or like-new prefolds and 6 doublers for $25. I think I got a pretty good deal, as I could have paid $50 or more for the lot if I bought it new.

I have six pocket-style diapers (two Happy Heinys, one BumGenius one size, and three Smartipants). I have some covers that should arrive in the mail shortly.

So far, I’ve been underwhelmed with cloth diapering. My baby has soaked through his diapers and it looks like I’ll definitely need to double up on the inserts. Hopefully that’ll stop the problem!

Also, though I’m still breastfeeding him, he’s also eating some solids. His stools (sorry! TMI I know!) are kind of sticky and semi-solid. It’s not easy to get the stool off the diaper in a non-gross way. I haven’t yet purchased a diaper sprayer but it looks like I need to. Or, I might get some flushable diaper liners. Once he’s mostly on solids, I expect it’ll be easier to get the stool in the toilet. Right?

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