May 19 2009

It’s our second anniversary!



Cutting a wedding cake proved harder than I thought! A huge chunk of cake fell onto the table. I put it on a plate and ate it, of course.

Cutting a wedding cake proved harder than I thought! A huge chunk of cake fell onto the table. I put it on a plate and ate it, of course.

It’s our second wedding anniversary! Hooray!

I’m just amazed at all that has happened in the last two years. We’ve had a good run so far and I’m looking forward to 80+ more anniversaries. In October, we’ll celebrate being together for six years, which will be one fourth of our lifetimes. That blows my mind.

I couldn’t think of a better person to be married to. I love Shane so much!

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  1. Happy Anniversary! Love that pic… by reading your caption it looks like it really captured the moment.

    Hubby and I will be celebrating our 4th anniversary on the 21st! We have a funny cake story too.

    Everyone was yelling for me to smash the cake in my Hubby’s face and he whispered to me to do it. But then someone handed me the cake on a fork and I wasn’t thinking AT ALL and jabbed the cake, fork and all, at Hubby’s face. Of course the fork stabbed his face alittle and out came a few drops of blood. Whoops. Good thing he thought it was funny. And no one else even noticed. But Hubby does like to remind me how I stabbed him on our wedding day!

  2. Congrats Kacie (and Shane)!

  3. Congrats! We just celebrated our first anniversary (of marriage, third of being together) on May 11. Amazing and also bewildering how time goes by! Of course, we got married a little later than you two. We’ve now been together 1/10 of our lives thus far. Wow, that actually sounds pretty impressive still…

    Hope you have a terrific time celebrating your union and your love!

  4. Congratulations!

    I got married last year, when we were together half my life (18 years).

    Our marriage cost us about 600 euro’s.

    Because my parents are divorced, we married without family. They were invited to dinner shortly after, separately of course.
    We celebrated with just very close friends. There were 10 of us.

    I wore a self-knitted tunique on white linen trousers, my husband his nicest clothes.

    We had a cold Italian buffet.

    There were three of us with a camera, and we put all the foto’s on dvd en send them to everyone that attended our wedding, and to my family.

    Most of all we liked the presents:
    One of my friends helped clean the house a couple of days before.
    Another one made my wedding bouquet and the flowers on the table.
    My husbands friends looked after the wine.

    It was a very memorable day. Mmmm…

  5. Happy Anniversary, Kacie!!

  6. Oh I love this picture. You both looks so happy. congrats!

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