May 29 2009

Quick mentions


Bob is giving away a Wii in celebration of his two years of blogging, and I definitely want a chance to win! We’ve thought about getting a Wii and a Wii Fit maybe, but it’s a lot of money and I just don’t know. 

I had a post in the Carnival of Personal Finance earlier this week. Check it out!

Finally, Small Notebook has a perfectly timed post about moving. We have three weeks until moving day and I’m anxious to get rid of stuff and get packed.

Edited to add: An experienced mover, my pal Ashley has some more great tips to make moving a little easier.

Have a great weekend!

May 28 2009

Our moving decision


After heavily weighing the pros and cons, Shane and I decided to go ahead and move to the different apartment.  We really hope we won’t be regretting this decision later, but for now we think it’s mostly a good idea. Thanks, everyone, for weighing in with your opinions on my previous post!

My pal Ashley moved to her current apartment with the intention of testing out the area to see if she’d like to buy there someday. Turns out, she discovered that she doesn’t want to buy there after all. 

The same thing could happen to us. We might want to move back to this side of the river. Or, we could finally find a chuch we want to join, make some more friends, and actually get involved with the community.

Frankly, I’m sick of not having a washer/dryer. I’ve been using coin machines in basements or laundromats for almost six years and I don’t think I can make it to seven. We’re now spending at least $50 per month to laundry, and with the way Johnny goes through his outfits and mucks up mine, that’s probably going to keep going up.

And, as Doodlebug’s Mommy pointed out, I’d finally be able to give cloth diapers a try. This could save us megabucks in the long haul if it works out. 

Even though Shane’s commute will be 20 minutes longer each way, he won’t be missing out on 40 minutes of family time. Johnny and I usually aren’t awake when he leaves in the morning. Maybe eventually we’ll be up to see him off, but ya know what, I have a 5-month-old and if I can steal a little extra sleep right now I’m gunna!

Also, the public transit runs more frequently in this new area. So actually, if he has to work a little later than normal, he still might get home sooner than if we lived in our current place, as busses here are much less frequent after 5:45.

It’s a slightly walkable area, I guess. More busy roads than here, but they have sidewalks. We’d be less than a half of a mile from restaurants and some shopping. Just a short car trip to several libraries and lots of parks.

The move will be good for us. We’ve got about three weeks before moving day!

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