Apr 13 2009

Menu for the week of 4/12/09 — cleaning out the cupboards

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Over the weekend, I decided it was time to clean out my pantry, freezer and spice rack. I had an entire bag full of expired spices — yuck! I hadn’t used them in awhile, thank goodness. Most of them were carryovers from my college years. I graduated almost two years ago. Yeah. Old spice — worse than the old man musk of the same name.

We’ve been whittling down my freezer meal stash that I prepared while pregnant and it’s time for me to start building it up again for lazy or busy days ahead. 
I was originally going to use some boneless chicken thighs in some meals this week, but unfortunately freezer burn got to the thighs before I could. Lesson learned: Use food from resealed packages faster!
This week’s menu incorporates some things I have on hand and would like to use up, as well as some simple standbys. I’m starting to have more time to prepare meals, but not really. At this stage, quick n’ easy trumps gourmet. 
This menu is in no particular order.
  • Meatloaf , glazed carrots , fresh spinach. I made a double batch of the meatloaf last week or two ago, and stuck one loaf in the freezer.
  • Beans and cornbread. I’m doing the beans from scratch, but the cornbread is from a box. 
  • Frozen pizza doctored up. I like to buy plain cheese frozen pizzas and add toppings myself. This week’s features fresh mushrooms, bell pepper, onion, crumbled bacon and extra cheddar cheese. I’ve been slicing and dicing onions all at once and then freezing them in smaller portions so I can quickly pull out what I need. Cry once, enjoy many times. The cheddar cheese is from Sam’s Club. I divvied it out into two-cup portions in zip bags and freeze it.
  • White chicken chili . I had a can of great northern beans that needs used, so voila. Unfortunately, I’ll need to get some more chicken, as the chicken I planned on using is now in the dumpster.
  • Baked chicken, rosemary potatoes (from a box, so what?), frozen corn or peas, whatever suits me at the moment
  • Hot ham n cheese sandwiches or ultimate grilled cheese (a la Einstein Bros.: Spread a little bit of cream cheese (chive flavor is great!) on bread. Add slice of Provalone or your favorite cheese. Add slice of tomato if you want. Grill with buttered side of bread down. Mmm). Also, a side of a vegetable.
For more recipes, why not visit Orgjunkie ?

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