Mar 31 2009

What do you do with unspent budgeted money?


On Monday evening, we got back from a quick visit to see family in Indiana. It was our baby’s first time out of the county, so I was a bit stressed about how the trip would go. It took us 10 hours to get to our final destination, and he screamed for a bit and was completely inconsolable toward the end. However, he slept most of the return trip and it went much better! So that’s why I haven’t been posting — I’ve been visiting family and friends.

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Since Shane gets paid monthly, we do our budget month to month. We usually spend most of it on paper and have $50 to $100 left over to use as wiggle room. It’s fun when we get to the end of the month and have a little more left than we had initially planned.

So what to do with it?

Sometimes we roll it into the next month’s budget and use it for a little more wiggle room. I like this option when we have some things planned — like travel or visitors or an irregular expense.

Other times, we take the balance and pop it into savings or toward debt. 

Once in awhile, the money just gets absorbed and spent somewhere.

I prefer for us to have a purpose for the money, whether it’s a purchase or intended for savings.

What do you do with money that makes it to the next payday?

Mar 26 2009

Sweeps update: I’ve won 4 times

As I mentioned last week, I thought I’d give entering company-sponsored sweepstakes a try. I’ve been entering about 25 daily. Today, it took me 16 minutes to enter all of them.

So far, I have won:
  • A candy bar
  • A jar of salsa
  • A t-shirt (I opted not to accept that prize, as I have plenty!)
  • $5 Subway gift card
Nothing special, but fun anyway. Plus, I’m entered in a bunch of grand prize drawings, so maybe I’ll win one of those. Hope so!
The first day of sweeping was the most time-consuming. I had to find the ones I wanted to enter (I used recommendations from Freebies4Mom and Sweetie’s Sweeps ). I had to read the rules and entry requirements, and I had to decide if I wanted to go for those prizes.
Also on the first day, I had to fill out a full entry form.
But on the second day and each one after, entering was a breeze. Most sites allow you to enter your email and password you set on registration day 1. Logging into those sites is extremely fast.
I enjoy playing those instant win games. Since it doesn’t take much time, I’ll probably keep entering. Even better if I win one of the big prizes.
I told my husband that I won a t-shirt, and he decided he wanted in on the action, too. He is entering sweepstakes as well now, but only the ones that don’t state “one entry per household.”
He’s a few days behind me and has only won a t-shirt (also rejected that prize).
We’re optimistic for future winnings!

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