Feb 23 2009

Menu for the week of 2/23


I haven’t posted a meal plan in ages! I don’t know what order we’ll be eating these meals, but here’s what’s likely to be on our dinner plates this week. Breakfasts will be oatmeal or cold cereal. Lunches are leftovers, simple sandwiches, etc. I plan to freeze much of our leftover taco soup to add to my dwindling freezer stash.

I think this is the first post-partum week in which I’m actually intending to cook most of our meals, rather than pull something out of the freezer. These are still super-easy dishes, and with time, I might start stepping up my game a little.

  • Grilled cheese, spinach. We sometimes make our grilled cheese sandwiches with Velveeta, but our favorite way is to put a little cream cheese (try the chive flavor!) on the bread and then a slice of provalone. Then, prepare as normal. It’s delicious!
  • Taco soup
  • Bowtie pasta with sausage and tomatoes
  • Salmon with a veggie salad and potato. Last time we had salmon, I used this recipe, but I might just herb it up instead of making a sauce.
  • Chicken tenders and mashed potatoes
  • Spaghetti with meatballs – I’ve been taking the easy way out and I’ve been using frozen pre-cooked meatballs from Sam’s Club.

Head over to Orgjunkie to see more meal plans. Need more inspiration? I’ve been loving $5 Dinners and Meal Planning Mommies!

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2 Responses to “Menu for the week of 2/23”

  1. I’m curious- how much of your freezer meals did you go through? Did you have enough made?

    I need to make a meal plan. I think it would help me a ton!

    Mrs Money’s last blog post..Not Upgrading my Cell Phone

  2. We still have several meals: 2-3 servings of ziti, 2 servings of split pea soup, 1 serving of chicken noodle soup, 2 packs of spaghetti sauce, and maybe one or two other things.

    We ate freezer meals when we were too tired/unmotivated to eat anything else. During other days, our parents cooked for us when they visited, or we prepared simple things that didn’t take much time.

    I really like the convenience of having meals in the freezer, so whenever I can make extras, I do plan to save them for later!

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