Feb 13 2009

Our $10,650.50 bill (sort of)


I just got the bill from the hospital — you know, the one where I had my baby awhile back. I was there for about 67 hours.

My bill (before insurance) was $10,650.50. Oh man. Fortunately, with insurance, my financial obligation is just $280, or about 2 percent of the total cost.

Out of curiosity, I requested an itemized bill to see how it all breaks down. Maybe they’ll send one to me.

I believe this figure includes all of my prenatal care and 6 ultrasounds.

I wonder what an epidural would have cost. Or a c-section. Yowza.

Thank God for our health insurance!

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21 Responses to “Our $10,650.50 bill (sort of)”

  1. That was about what mine was in Indiana two years ago… the epidural added $1500, but it was ALL covered by insurance except for a couple of office co-pays.

    Shocking what it costs,isn’t it? :-)

  2. Wow! That’s amazing. That’s proof that healthcare is needed more than people think. How many people have that sitting in their savings accounts, just waiting to be used? And with babies people have several months to plan for, normally. Just think of unexpected medical costs!

  3. One of my C-sections a few years back was almost $30,000. I was shocked when I saw the the actual cost of it all. I too was so very thankful for insurance!!

  4. Well, that’s cheaper than the appendectomy I had and I was only in the hospital for about 27 hours. But I guess mine was surgery. Unbelievable how expensive health care is!

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  5. How on earth did you end up with only $280?! Had you already paid your deductible or do you just have that good of insurance??? I should request an itemized bill from the hospital, I think it would be interesting.

    My mom has a copy of the hospital bill from when my dad was born, the total (no insurance) was $149.75 They were in the hospital for SEVEN days. $59.50 for her to stay in the hospital, $21 for the nursery, $20 for operating/delivery room, $15 anesthetic fee, $18 for labs, $1.25 for special medication, $10 for spec. Blood Determination and $5 for circumcision. Wouldn’t I love to get that bill instead of the $900 one I got (that was my AFTER insurance total!)

  6. Mine was VERY expensive (almost 9 years ago). I was hospitalized for 5 days with lots of meds, induced, emergency c-section and my oldest (as well as youngest) were NICU babies. The cost was around 100,000 before insurance. I also went to a high risk dr which was $500 a visit not including the weekly ultrasounds. Insurance is a must!

  7. I am sure that when you see that itemized bill you will find lots of errouneous fees like $30 box of tissues, double fees or charges for services they didn’t even perform. Hospital are notorious for that. That is why insurance cost so much. If you have insurance and you question the charges you will probably be told “what does it matter to you, your insurance covered it”. I could go on but I don’t feel like getting agrivated today.

  8. Didn’t it make you almost fall over? haha. I got one of those for my surgery (took like an hour!) and it was $10,375.25. That is crazy! Thankfully I only had to pay about $250. It is just nuts how much hospitals can charge! I am glad you only had to pay what you did. :)

    Mrs Money’s last blog post..Putting Money Aside for 2009 Taxes

  9. Goodness! I thought my $10k bill was high — I can’t imagine seeing a $100k one.

    Jes, our HMO is really inclusive and affordable for us (i’m so thankful!) That $280 is our deductibles for the entire pregnancy and delivery.

  10. My childbirth bill was over $14,000–I paid $115. The extra $15 was because I went in once, was sent to triage, and then went home because I wasn’t dilated enough. I had several IVs and an epidural, so that probably added to the cost. But it is laughable what they charge for everything. My HMO was great to cover all that (that was just the hospital charges, not any of my regular OB appointments or ultrasounds). Unfortunately because of the cost of adding the baby to an HMO we’ve switched to Blue Cross–so if I had a baby this year I think I’d end up paying quite a bit more.

    We tell Libbie she was definitely worth $115. But we would have gladly paid $14,000 for her sweetness. :)

  11. You have some awesome insurance. We are paying OOP for a homebirth because the state health plan doesn’t cover it, but it’s only $3500. Not much compared to what it would cost for the hospital plus epidural, etc, that I got last time, although our insurance did cover most of that. My hospital experience was bad enough that it is worth the money for the homebirth.

  12. Wow. You have great insurance. I think we’ll end up paying a bit more. But still not that much. Yes, insurance makes a huge difference.

    PT Money’s last blog post..Frugal Valentine’s Day Ideas

  13. Now that I am a nervious wreck-my husband 54yo does not have any health insurance. He is self employed. If anyone knows of affordable health insurance for Pgh PA area please let me know. One hospitalization-we would be homeless.

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  15. I had a baby last April and the bill before insurance was $67,000. I was only there for 2 days but my daughter was in the NICU for 10 days for antibiotics because we both had fevers. We got the itemized bill and it was just a bunch of different codes and we couldn’t really read it which I’m sure, is what they were going for.
    After insurance our portion was about $8500. Ick.

  16. I’m really scared.

    I live in Illinois and applied for the state insurance (I may or may not make too much freelancing to qualify for it). My husband was recently laid off and we didn’t realize I was pregnant until we had already turned down COBRA thinking we couldn’t afford it.

    If I don’t qualify for the state program I’m going to have to pay for the childbirth in cash. On the bright side the last two were no complications and pain medication free. It doesn’t make me awesome – but it does make it potentially a lot cheaper to have the baby. Meds cost money. (I realize weird stuff can happen no matter what tho and that’s what really scares me.)

    It’s scary to be uninsured and pregnant. We were actually thinking about stopping working (I’m a freelancer) so we would have a low enough income to qualify for public aid.

    How sick is that? To have to consider working *less* to have the childbirth paid for.

    Jen’s last blog post..Beyond Mom

  17. Lucy – I think either Blue Cross or Blue Shield covers the Pittsburg area. I’ve always used eHealthinsurance.com for my insurance. You give them your zip code and they tell you what is available for the area.

    You may only be able to afford a high deductable plan (much less expensive), but I think it would be much better to only have the deductable to worry about and not the whole hospital bill! And even the highest deductable plans negotiate with the doctors and insurance to lower the cost you must pay.

    Good luck!

  18. i had insurance and still had to pay a total $3,000. my son was a preemie and i was in the hosptial a week before he was born. so be happy, you have GREAT insurance.

  19. My wife had a catastrophic blood clot (at 27 yrs old) last year and our hospital bills ended up being over $250,000. Yes, you read that right. 3 weeks in the hospital and over 250k.

    Luckily we had good insurance as well, and we paid about $2,000 out of pocket.

    I also had surgery to remove my appendix a couple of years ago.. 11k that time. We’ve gotten our money’s worth out of our insurance for sure.

    Get insurance – even if you’re healthy (like my wife was). You never know when you’ll need it!

    Pete’s last blog post..Money Matters

  20. Holy cow to your post….and all the posts above! The state of American health care just makes me sick to my stomach, but I’m so glad you came out without much damage! My step-mom and my dad are both self-employed, and I just found out how much they spend on health care each year, and it is SHOCKING. It’s about half of my total salary at my day job!! Granted they are older and he has had cancer and she has had knee surgery…but yikes. Anyway, so glad your insurance did come to the rescue — always nice when things actually work out that way :)

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