Dec 18 2008

A little trick for weighing large packages


Earlier this month, I mentioned a web site to help you compare shipping costs.  When shipping a package, you’ll want to know how much it weighs so you can know how to get the best deal on sending it.

But what if the box is so large that you can’t see the weight on your bathroom scale at home?


Get on the scale and weigh yourself. Then, grab the package and get back on the scale. Find the difference between the two numbers, and you should have your package’s weight.

I went to the site and found that for my three packages, it would be about $5 cheaper to go with UPS. But, I’d have to drive further than my post office, deal with evening rush hour traffic and stand in line for who knows how long.

Since I live superclose to a post office, I decided to drive by it to check out the line. There wasn’t one. Yeah, I could have saved $5, but it would have cost me at least a half an hour, if not more.

To me, my time was worth more than that $5 today.

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6 Responses to “A little trick for weighing large packages”

  1. You didn’t even have to go into the post office if you had done everything online. lets you mail using priority but you can use Paypal to prepare packages to send first class. You print the labels on your printer, tape them onto the package, and you’re done. You can sometimes arrange with for a package pickup as well…or you can just drop them off at the post office. :)

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  2. i’ve been using that site a lot because i’ve been selling lots of stuff on ebay this month. it’s come in handy! although, it estimated a package would cost me about $10 through fedex (over $20 through USPS) and when I actually shipped it through fedex, it was $17. apparently it doesn’t take box size into consideration (unless i missed something?), so that’s something to think about.

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  3. There is an “advanced options” section where you can input box dimensions. That way, you might get a more accurate price.

  4. Oh my gosh, have you heard of Bryan Regan? This so reminded me of one of his skits! Search his name on youtube and you will laugh yourself silly. He is sooo funny! I think he has a UPS skit where he talks about doing this. Please watch it!!!

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