Dec 16 2008

How much we’ve spent on our baby so far


I’m 38 weeks pregnant and just about all of the things I had hoped to purchase before the baby comes have been acquired. I think we have enough things to get us through that first month (hopefully) but I’m fine with sending someone to the store or going myself if necessary.

Out of pocket so far, we have spent $1,086.31. This does not include the value of gift items (and gifts are listed in the sheet so you can see all of what we have).

If you’d like to see a detailed breakdown of how that was spent, you can see my list here. Here’s a categorical breakdown:

Medical: $8 out of pocket. Gotta love our HMO!
Maternity wear: $191.53
Baby clothes: $63.14
Carriers: $15
Car seat: $148
Crib items: $275
Baby’s room: $118.97
Books: $4
Classes/help: $123.94
Diapering: $112.12
Misc.: $26.61

Ways we could have saved:

We could have avoided buying so many baby clothes ourselves. We received a lot as gifts and also some hand-me-downs. In all, we spent about $63 ourselves on clothes ranging from sizes newborn through 9 months. Judging by my baby clothes inventory and his already-full closet, I think we have too many clothes already!

I got a lot of use out of most of my maternity clothes and I feel like many of them will be useful when I’m gearing up for our second baby.

We could have scouted more second-hand stores for storage solutions for our baby’s room, but I am happy with what we came up with.

Overall, I think we did a good job getting what we needed without spending too much. Still, we’ve already spent more than a thousand dollars, and the little guy isn’t even here yet! It has been tremendously helpful for us to set aside a “baby” fund. We threw all extra money into it until we had $1,000. Some things were purchased from our regular budget, just because. We still have a few hundred in the baby fund to use for the first month or so, if needed. And, we’ll continue to set aside money for diapers, clothes, gadgets, whatever.

I estimate that we’ll be able to reuse at least $650 worth of that stuff with our second child.

About how much did you spend on your first baby?

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12 Responses to “How much we’ve spent on our baby so far”

  1. Wow, what a comprehensive list! This is super helpful for anyone curious about the costs of baby prep. :)

    Karen’s last blog post..One perk of the shrinking economy — everything else is shrinking, too

  2. Just a note–you can NEVER have too many clothes in the under 9 month range. Babies spit. And have diaper blowouts. And drool (milk included). Having a clean outfit to use when visitors stop by (hopefully announced), or its time for a nap, or the (somewhat dreaded) diaper blowout happens is very useful. And having that outfit without thinking “Oh my God, I have GOT to do laundry tomorrow or the baby has NOTHING to wear”: for a new mom with way too much else on her plate (like every mom) and who’s trying to get the laundry done when the little one naps (you weren’t planning on sleeping in the first six weeks, were you?)–the at least slightly lowered stress is priceless :) Believe me, I am not saying don’t be frugal and cost conscious, but a few extra clothes can go a long way toward making the first few months a bit easier.

    Been there, and done that!

  3. The detailed cost information shown here goes far to let readers know the general range of pricing for taking care of a child on the way. The savings made on re-using the materials is quite large, and is a reason why a second child would not have as much of a price-tag attached.

    Armen Shirvanian’s last blog post..Much Of What You See Is Engineered

  4. I think we’ve spent about the same amount, just in different areas. Since we had so many showers we were very blessed! And I spent in other areas (swing, glider, cloth diapers) but was able to get some awesome deals. A lot of people told me I HAD to have a swing and from previous babysitting experience, I agreed. So I found one on craigslist for $25 (retail price $140!). I wanted to be prepared and have one rather than go out and pay full price. If we don’t use it I’m sure I can sell it for around that price.
    Our hospital/medical costs are going to be higher though, ugh, but we’ve prepared for that. Hopefully it won’t be too bad! The more “interventions” I can avoid the better! That will help my stingy soul as I’m in labor. :)
    Everything looks great! I’m sure if you figure out something you have to have afterward you’ll be able to pop out and get it.

  5. Just keep in mind that most of this stuff gets used by more than one baby so that will bring your costs down considerably.

    I am actually impressed, because most first time parents go way overboard and by every nic nac under the sun. They soon discover most things are not necessary. It will vary from mom to mom, but what is so necessary to have to one mom will have been a waste of money to another.

    Baby’s are different too–I have had one that loved anything musical then I found my second son could care less about musical stuff. Just continue to take it slow and if possible borrow before you buy…then you will know if it is something you really would use and is worth the money.

  6. I did not keep a list of how much we spent, but most was given to us either as gifts or hand-me downs.

    I totally agree with another commenter – you really cannot have enough clothes for a newborn. Somedays, I was so surprised as to how many times I had to change my son – once I felt that I changed him 5 times in a matter of about 15 minutes! He kept spitting up – so then I started to put bibs on him all of the times (except sleeping) – both of my boys spit up a lot, not all babies do. It was nice to not have to worry about the laundry every other day or every few days – especially when I was so tired!

    Great job with your spread sheets!

    Promises Fulfilled’s last blog post..Noah’s Ark Craft

  7. Just one comment – buy more sheets! You could go through 3 in a day, sometimes even more!

  8. I do intend to get more sheets, but only after the ones I have have been through the wash a few times. I want to make sure they hold up, since I’ve read that some baby sheets shrink more than others or fall apart.

    Once I know the kind I have are fine, I’ll get more of the same and hope for the best!

  9. You know, with the first baby we were blessed with showers and gifts….so I think we are actually spending more on the second baby. (#1 was a girl, and everything was pink, #2 is a boy)

    We borrowed a TON of items from friends/took hand me downs–it’s all so fleeting, and who has the space to store it all??

    Your list is really comprehensive!

    Michelle’s last blog post..Read Kiddo Read

  10. Breastfeeding saves an enormous amount of money in formula, bottles, energy to heat bottles, etc. Twenty years ago it was said if a baby was exclusively breastfed, at the end of one year, the money saved would be enough to purchase a major appliance.

    Cloth diapers are inexpensive and eco friendly, too. Diaper service is great for the first couple months till you get the routine down. And they include extra diapers for spit ups, etc.

    Remember that all the cute stuff is for you. Babies don’t care one way or another. As long as you are near by, they are happy.

    We had family bed so no crib, crib sheets, extra blankets (invest in receiving blankets), etc. Most clothes were from the local La Leche League rummage sale and hand me downs from older kids.

    The most important thing any parent can give their baby is their love, time and attention.

    LizzieK8’s last blog post..Book Challenges

  11. Wow! That’s a lot of money. I breastfed till my son was 1 year old, no water , juice & only other things a few times. I never bought baby food. I used a baby food grinder. You can get for $10-$15 new or maybe even $5 or less used or try Freecycle.I used cloth diapers. I bought 3 dozen from K- mart & some plastic pants & washed them in the tub everyday, as we didn’t have a washer & dried them on a rack in the hallway. I bought no new clothes ,only things at yard sales. The crib was used from someone who wanted to get rid of it & the mattress was $8 at a yard sale.The only thing I spent basically was my time with my son & I’m very glad I did. The car seat was from yard sale too & baby swing, but really don’t need those things. I had a baby front way carrier that he used lots.He’s 18 now & I homeschooled him all way through & he’s working & doing good. The only advice I can give you is to develop a good relationship with your child by spending lots of time with him. I used to read to him when he was 2-5 about 3or 4 hours a day. enjoy your child ! They grow up too quick. God bless your family,lisa

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