Dec 11 2008

Sign-up link for Pinecone Research


If you’ve been interested in joining Pinecone Research to fill out surveys (and earn a tiny amount of cash for your time) you can sign up here. I won’t get anything if you use the link, but I thought I’d pass that on to you.

Also, for those of you who read my site from the main page and not from a feed reader, what do you think about the YouData widget I have in my left sidebar? Are you earning any money from it? So far, I’m not getting much at all and I’m thinking of taking the widget down. If you want it to stay or go, please let me know.

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4 Responses to “Sign-up link for Pinecone Research”

  1. Hmmm… did you already remove the youdata widget? I signed up for it but promptly forgot to put it on my blog!! Also, thanks for the link to the Pinecone Research. I’ve heard they only allow people to join every so often. Or am I thinking of another place?

  2. I signed up for youdata a couple weeks ago. I made $7+ that first week. I made about 60cents the next two weeks, and about $1 this week. What’s nice is that there is no minimum payout, and it goes to paypal, an account that I keep but rarely use. When I decide to order something online, even a silly little 60cents in my paypal account is nice to subtract from my purchase. I consider my paypal account to be my “play money,” because it’s always such a low balance. And to answer Mrs. Accountability: Yes, Pinecone research only invites new panel members every so often.

  3. Yeah, I took it down. You can still view ads by visiting and logging in.

    The widget on my blog was pretty large, and it wasn’t really earning me any money so that’s why I took it down. I might put it back up at some point.

  4. Hi there!

    Great site!! Was searching for a pinecone research signup link and found this site!! Now that is what I call good luck!!

    I am looking for some interesting fun opportunities to make some extra cash working from home.

    Any ideas?

    Love to hear from you.


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