Dec 02 2008

Recap of November and goals for December

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At the beginning of November, I outlined a few goals:

1. Pay double the amount on our car loan.

We did that, and with the regular November payment and our overpayment, we’re looking at $8,294 left. Still a large number, but I’m confident we’ll get this taken care of soon.

2. Put all extra funds in savings

As soon as we received “extra” money, it went straight into our savings instead of being absorbed by our day-to-day spending. I know that if we didn’t transfer it into a separate account, much of it would have been spent, simply because it was there.

3. Create a budget for Christmas expenses.

We made a list of who we wanted to shop for and what we thought they might like, setting price limits on each gift. We’re planning on shipping several items, so we’ve included postage costs in this budget. If we were traveling this year, we’d also include gas and normal road-trip expenses.

Looks like we’ll meet our budget! We have our shopping almost finished — we just need to buy gifts for each other and we’ll be set.

4. Find $200 in ‘snowflakes’.

Didn’t quite make it. I don’t have an exact figure, but it was probably closer to $100. I could have been a bit more active in pursuing extra money last month. Better luck next time!

For December:

Wow. December is here. I’ve never anticipated this month so much. My son could be born this month! Zowie!

All extra money must go into savings. Shane has two vacation days left this year, and if our little guy is born in December, Shane will use FMLA to take some time off. This will result in a smaller paycheck of course, so we’ll pad our savings account for this.

We’ll hold off on making an extra car payment this month. As much as I like seeing our last debt dwindle, it might be a better idea to hang on to that $277 double payment until after the baby is born. That way, we can use it on regular expenses if we need to. And if he’s born in January, then we’ll need it to pay our 2008 taxes (we’re going to owe this year. Goody).

We’re stocking up on last-minute toiletries and things for the freezer. I have a large stash of shampoos and toothpastes and such from when I was aggressive with drugstore deals. But, we still need plenty more toilet paper and things like that. There are about 15 servings of meals in my freezer right now, but there isn’t much variety so I need to add some more.

We’re going out to eat. To “nice” restaurants. Hopefully, we’ll avoid fast-food altogether. Cuz let’s face it, I’d rather go out with Shane four times and spend $100 than spend the same amount and go to McDonald’s 10 times. We don’t anticipate going out to eat very much in the new year, so we’ll do it while we can.

Here’s to a great month for everyone!

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