Nov 18 2008

Fix it!


I don’t know if the embedded video above will work, so if not, go here and watch from 2:25 through 3:49 (or the whole thing, if ya want).

This whole economy stuff is really making my head spin. Various industries collapsing all over the place, GM wanting help from the government, people losing their jobs and their homes … it just goes on.

I don’t know what should happen, but I want someone to FIX IT now!

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5 Responses to “Fix it!”

  1. Ahh, being a Canadian (with a Canadian IP address) means no Hulu for me. I wish someone would just fix the Hulu access issues. :D

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  2. Kacie – I love your blog and the fact that you liked this sketch makes me think we’re even more alike! My husband totally does the “Fix it!” yell when we talk about stuff… it’s too funny. Thanks for the link – now I’ll watch it even more.

  3. Canadian here too. Boo. ;)

    “I don’t know what should happen, but I want someone to FIX IT now!”

    It seems to me that this whole wanting someone to just wipe away financial consequences is precisely how this economic situation happened in the first place?

  4. Christy,

    You have a good point. I’m not saying I don’t think there should be consequences.

    All I’m saying is I want it FIXED!

    Whatever that means.

  5. Hi Kacie – :)

    It seems that everyone is saying “bailouts” to Fix it…quick fixes.

    I think the only long term fix is everybody living within their means.

    My two cents..probably worth less with the dollar exchange. LOL

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