Nov 04 2008

We’re not going to cancel our cable now …


I just got off the phone with Comcast to tell them I wanted to cancel our cable service. When they asked why, I told them that we’re getting all the channels we need with our digital converter box.

The customer service rep told me that if I canceled my cable, my internet bill would go up. WHAT?!

Right now, we’re paying $23 for our cable and $19.99 for our internet from Comcast.

Canceling the cable portion would eliminate the savings price, and our bill would be in the $60s for internet only. Sigh. I guess we won’t be canceling our cable after all. I was hoping we could, but I can’t pay $20 more per month to do that — cuz that’s silly.

Right now, Comcast is our only option for high-speed internet. I’m hoping we have other options soon.

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16 Responses to “We’re not going to cancel our cable now …”

  1. The same thing happened to us…now we have the most basic of cable to keep our internet bill low and we rarely watch TV, maybe once a week if that.

  2. Same thing here. We tried to cancel cable a while back and got told the exact same thing about the pricing. We’re at the lowest bracket of cable possible now. My hope is that my employer will start covering the internet costs since they want me to occasionally work from home. My arguement will be that the connection to work from home should be covered by them. Then I could drop cable all together.

  3. Yikes! Why do they have to be funny like that, huh? Did you say you’re under a contract for the internet? Maybe you can try cancelling the cable again when the internet contract is up (but keep the same rate)?

  4. They find a way to get you in every way possible…

  5. Yeah that’s what I thought. :-) That’s why I was trying to figure out if maybe you were switching to DSL…

    ashley @ twentysixcats’s last blog post..back and leg updates

  6. That’s crazy! Too bad you don’t have any other options to switch to. That’s one of the disadvantages of a monopoly…

    When I canceled our TV, I thought that the internet would go up too (it would have only gone up $5, though), but I was getting the cable internet from Earthlink through Bright House, so it didn’t end up going up for some reason. I now have the AT&T UVerse fiber optic internet, because it’s less expensive than cable and just as fast (with the package I’m on).

    Corrie @ “Cents”able Momma’s last blog post..Ziploc Home & Holidays Gift Pack

  7. Ahhh you know what? I may be in the same boat. I’ll have to call and check! Good to know! :)

    MrsMoney’s last blog post..Frugal Fixes for Flooring: Laminate Floors

  8. Wow, I hope Suddenlink does not do that to us! We are about to call and cancel too. We are waiting for Thanksgiving to be over…I am afraid my dad will be bummed if the game is not on!

    Dona’s last blog post..Luvin E-Coupons!

  9. Doesn’t that just drive you nuts? My hubbie and I had a similar experience. Fortunately, we were able to switch to Qwest. We love it! I hope you get Qwest in your area!

  10. Ugh, yes we had the same experience with Comcast. Our internet was something like $40, and basic cable was $9, but to BLOCK the basic cable signal they would charge us almost $20. I hate how companies can get away with things like that! So as soon as we were able, we ditched them for DSL.

    After a few months we decided we didn’t want the phone line that was “required” for a DSL connection so I called and asked for “dry loop” DSL and they gave it to me, no questions asked!!

    Hang in there, surely you will have other internet options soon!

  11. I’m bummed the person who helped get us going on OTA is stuck for awhile. :-( Waiting for DSL is frustrating, but once it arrives all the companies will be fighting over you.

    Sean’s last blog post..Quote: “The Happiest People Are Frugal…”

  12. Yep, isn’t that crazy? They must know internet is more important to people than the actual cable. I am not a fan of Comcast.

    Dani’s last blog post..Living in the Dark Ages

  13. Hello!

    I feel for you. We have dsl through our phone company. It’s pretty good, for a lot less money. We have our tv through satelite and just got a price reduction because I threatened to cancel.

    Take Care,


  14. I know, I hate that. That is why we always have cable & internet. It sucks because when money gets tough & we have to cut, we have to cut both.

    Ginny’s last blog post..AAGL Blog Tour

  15. We have our cable/internet/phone through Suddenlink. Verizon is trying to get us to come back to them but they don’t offer DSL. Right now, don’t think I’m going to do anything about changing.

  16. It’s always frustrating when that happens. We wanted to cancel our telephone and just make phone calls over the internet – but without a phone contract we can’t get the internet!

    Clare @ Top Christmas Toys’s last blog post..Should you do your Christmas shopping online or at the mall?

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