Oct 25 2008

$630 for an umbrella? I hope it has a water-repelling force field around it.


Nordstrom had its grand opening at a Pittsburgh mall this weekend. We took a quick stroll through both levels, and I was underwhelmed. It’s not a big store by any means — you can see all corners of it from just about anywhere in the store. Oh and the prices? Wow.

They want $79 for a pair of infant blue jeans. Have they lost their minds?! I won’t pay that much for a pair of jeans for myself, let alone a baby who might wear them for a few months, if that. I don’t have anything against people who pay $79 for an adult-size pair of jeans, because at least they’re going to get a few years of use out of them, hopefully. And they’re probably not going to get poo poo on their pants. But for a baby? Please.

With Nordstrom as an anchor, other high-end retailers have opened in that section of the mall: Tiffany & Co., Louis Vuitton, Kate Spade, Coach and Juicy Couture.

I don’t know how the new luxury retailers are going to fare, given the down economy and the fact that Pittsburgh is the 5th poorest big city. So, ah, good luck to you, Tiffany, Louis and Kate. I don’t know about other Pittsburghers, but this one ain’t going to spend $630 on an umbrella. One high gust of wind, and that thing is going to invert just as much as a $10 one from Target.

If I’m going to lounge around my apartment, I’m not going to don an ugly tracksuit that refers to myself as “her majesty.” And I’m certainly not going to pay $256 for it.

Here’s the kind of mall shopper I am: I bought three tank tops from Old Navy for $2 each and a cookie from Mrs. Fields for $1 something.

We also got a free sample of tea from some tea store.

I’m not saying that I think people should only spend a few dollars on clothes here and there, and I’m certainly not trying to be a frugality snob.

Someday, I would like some nicer, more durable clothes (though I still don’t want to ever pay full-price for any item). I don’t have much fashion sense at all — you’d know that if you saw me or my closet. Soon enough, I hope to box up my maternity wear and get some clothes that don’t say, “I still sort of look like a college student, but I’m married, have a baby, and I’ve completely given up on my appearance.” No, I don’t want to look like that.

I just don’t think I could ever justify spending that kind of money on a status symbol.

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11 Responses to “$630 for an umbrella? I hope it has a water-repelling force field around it.”

  1. Of course they haven’t lost their minds.

    They know there’s plenty of non-frugal idiots out there who will pay for something trendy with borrowed money regardless of cost…cause they just want to be cool.

    It’s open season….er…I mean an open market…

    Wess Stewart’s last blog post..BustAThief.com – Dealing With Fraudulent Activity

  2. Okay, a $600 umbrella (even Louis Vuitton, which I have to say I love) is *way* out there. But there is a lot to be said for buying a decent quality umbrella with a better frame that won’t be trashed in the first strong wind.

    And, if you buy from a good place, you can get repairs for a very small cost.

    Check out http://www.theumbrellashop.com/CompanyInfo.html

  3. $79 for kid’s jeans? You’re right that is sheer madness – and I can’t believe that some people actually spend that much. I certainly wouldn’t splash out so much on an umbrella either as I’m always losing mine!

  4. Wow, those prices are crazy! I don’t know why they would put those stores in now with the economy the way it is. I just don’t understand some people. Speaking of umbrellas… I need to get one! :)

    MrsMoney’s last blog post..What’s happening to my Wamu credit card?

  5. That tracksuit is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. Apparently, they figured out that with some women flattery will get you everywhere. Even if it’s scrawled on the butt of some tacky pants.

  6. Haha!
    Rich people make me laugh.

    I think I have about 6 umbrellas but they don’t do ya much good when you leave the house without them. Maybe if I paid $600 I wouldn’t forget it!

  7. Funny and true…they HAVE lost their minds!

  8. LOL, I won’t even pay $10 for an umbrella :) I think high-end retailers are going to have a rude awakening in the next few years!

  9. Status symbols are so silly. It’s one thing to buy well-made, classic pieces that will last forever, and it’s another thing entirely to buy something that costs as much as a car just because it’s splashed with LV or Dior’s logo.

    When you’re looking for a new wardrobe, consider using this list of ten basic elements: http://womensfashion.suite101.com/article.cfm/tim_gunns_10_essential_elements (note, there have been some updates to the list like a jacket v. blazer) I think it’s a really good one and a great reminder that you always need less than you think you do.

  10. Craziness! I love a good pair of jeans but not for my baby!! If you’re looking for fashion advice check out http://thebigmamablog.com/ every Friday she gives fashion advice and I’ve found it very helpful! And I’ve also been very successful shopping at places like Banana Republic and J.Crew they have awesome sales and their stuff is classic and well-made. I would rather spend $30 on one sweater on sale from there than 3 $10 ones that will just fall apart after a season. Just my two cents. And yes, can’t wait either to have this babe in my arms and not around my waist!! :)

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