Oct 22 2008

‘Fruglier’ and ‘frugliest’ ways to save money


There are plenty of ways to save money on common household purchases. Part of frugal living is exploring new ways of saving money or getting more use out of an item. There isn’t one “best” way to save money or time on any particular thing. The best thing is what works for you and your family. It’s worth it to try new tightwad tactics.

For instance:

Fabric softener:

Frugal: Tear dryer sheets in half and use half of it per load. Of course, these sheets were purchased on sale and with a coupon.
Fruglier: Use vinegar instead of liquid softener.
Frugliest: Go completely without a fabric softener additive.

Car maintenance:

Frugal: Find coupons for oil changes.
Fruglier: Change your own oil using oil and supplies purchased on sale.
Frugliest: Sell your car and take the bus.

Towels and napkins:

Frugal: Find paper towels on sale or get them for free with gift cards/extra care bucks.
Fruglier: Tear towels/napkins in half if you don’t plan on being messy at dinner.
Frugliest: Use cloth towels and napkins for all but the gooiest of messes.
Frugross:Use your sleeve. Or, your neighbor’s sleeve.

What can you add to this list?

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16 Responses to “‘Fruglier’ and ‘frugliest’ ways to save money”

  1. Fabric softener actually damages washing machines after long-term use. It gets in the mechanism or something and is the cause of a LOT of washing machine break downs according to my neighbour who is a washing machine mechanic. I don’t use it any longer and I notice absolutely no difference. :)

  2. Hah! That’s anawsome post, Kacie! I remember reading something similar about baby wipes, where some parents would rip a wipe in half to really make the go a long way. Sadly, I go the other direction and probably use a whole box of wipes for each diaper change! Heh.

  3. I love it all of those are really great ideas except for the frugross one at the bottom. I’ve never heard of using vinegar though as a liquid fabric softener does it work? Does it leave an icky vinegar smell? We use dish towels alot during dinner instead of paper towels its really cut back on our use of paper towels.

  4. This is such a cute post!!!

    I use vinegar and I love it! You can’t even smell it once the clothes dry.

    MrsMoney’s last blog post..Tasty Tuesday! Vegetarian Chili Recipe; Quick, easy, and YUM!

  5. Frugal: Buy store brand feminine products.
    Fruglier: Buy feminine products with coupons or for free with ECB or RR!
    Frugliest: Make your own reusable feminine supplies out of cloth!

    I’ll stick with the fruglier on this one. :-)

  6. Cute post! As for the baby wipes, it would probably be “fruglier” to use half a wipe, but we are “frugliest” because we use a damp baby washcloth and then throw it in the wash and reuse it. It’s really not that hard and saves a lot of money!

  7. For dryer sheets you can use them once then save them in a bag. Then you can put two or three of the used sheets in with subsequent loads.

  8. Hi! The cloth monthly pads are great.
    How about using cloth rags instead of toilet paper & washing them? Some people choose not to have a refrigerator or to use a chest freezer that has been converted to use as a refrigerator. The conversion type costs you lots less per year electric use than the refrigerator. How about getting your home furnishings from:curbside trash, thrift stores, friends cast offs ? I have a laptop that is a Dell ,1Ghz processor, 512 RAM, 20 Gig harddrive with windows 2000 & windows office. I got it free , becuse I helped out at computer recycling event & could take what I could use & they recycle the rest. I get my clothes from hand me downs-sister, thrift stores, free clothing give aways, freecycle etc. There are ways to save on everything , although I still believe it all comes from God, no ,matter how I get it. If any of you are interested in any of these ideas ,I have websites of people who do all these & some have large followings of their sites. Blessings,lisa

  9. LOL! I enojoyed reading these Frugally Funny ideas. For the car maintenance one, FruFitness – Get a bike!

    Andy’s last blog post..America’s Income and Wealth Inequality

  10. I have heard that vinegar works to soften clothes. It’s also a natural antibiotic, from what I understand. We added some to our wash for a few loads (my husband was having recurrent staph infections, so we thought it certainly couldn’t hurt). No vinegar-y smell at all.

    Also hubby’s skin is very sensitive (severe eczema, which is why he gets so many staph infections: his skin is open a lot) and the clothes didn’t irritate his skin at all after vinegar was added to the wash. So I would say there are no lingering side effects at all.

    It’s also great for a streak-free window.

    Abigail’s last blog post..Ta-da

  11. Frugal: Buy baby clothes only when they are on clearance.
    Fruglier: Buy baby clothes only at thrift stores such as Salvation Army.
    Frugliest: Leave baby naked most of the time.

    I’m a real sucker for baby clothes, so I don’t usually get much beyond “Frugal” here.

    Ginkgo100’s last blog post..Creating a Budget When You Don’t Know Your Income

  12. Buy 1 bottle of fabric softener; use 1 teaspoon on WET rags to toss in; will last a year; (frugal) Frugaler: make your own fabric softener & do the same using “wet rags”; frugalist: hang your clothes to dry! for towels/jeans which get rough hanging to dry; simply put into dryer for 10 min; then hang to dry!
    Never saw any need or use for paper towels; thought it was a gimmick to get folks $; use microfiber cloths which hold 7 times it’s weight in water to clean up messes; they will still be going when you would have used over 700,000 paper towels. (awesome things) if you don’t know about them, I found out about them watching Don Aslett cleaning solutions on http://www.QVC.com; he owns the worlds largest janitorial company; microfibers are designed to be used with water only no chemicals; will save you a LOT of $!
    hankerchiefs were used for years; get some or make some!

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