Oct 09 2008

The national debt has too many digits


I saw this news story today: National debt clock runs out of digits.

Oh goodness.

To compensate, they’ve turned the dollar sign into an extra digit, with plans to add more digits in the future. Here’s a thought: Let’s lower the debt!

The nation is $10.2 trillion in debt, and if each family chips in just $86,017, we’ll be debt-free. You can afford that, right?

I wonder what our nation’s debt snowball would look like.

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7 Responses to “The national debt has too many digits”

  1. This just totally burns my butt. Seriously. Blame the American consumer for being irresponsible for using too much credit and living beyond our means? Take a look in the mirror Uncle Sam. I’m not saying that the fact that we have overextended ourselves as consumers isn’t a valid point, I’m just tired of hearing the blame being passed around. Let’s work on fixing the problem rather than pointing fingers.

    Ok…glad to have gotten that off of my chest…

    Marcy’s last blog post..Grocery Shopping with Cash: I FINALLY Did It!!

  2. LOL, the funny thing about the blame is that there is surely enough to go around, but many will not accept it:

    Banks for granting loans they knew could not be afforded, consumers for over-extending themselves with loans/mortgages they could not pay for monthly, Congress for selling the Economic Bailout Plan as a quick fix in the beginning, realtors for underhandedly encouraging larger sell prices, homeowners for over-offering (i.e. bidding $300,000 for a $150,000 house to ensure their bid would be taken; capitalism is great, but shouldn’t be abused), the President for making some bad choices with the war in Iraq (Afghanistan attacked, not Iraq and when we searched for weapons we came up empty-handed), poor money-management of the war (our valued troops are fighting without bullet-proof Hum-V armor), Wall Street speculators, politicians,government, & private industry for wasting money on outlandish strategic management sessions (although necessary, they have been too much), etc.

    We all have a little of the burden to bear; now the time has come to accept and fix the issues! It will be a long road, but that is why we are the greatest nation in the world!

    We couponistas do our share by saving and I think it is a skill we should all be passing on; I share my tips with everyone and so should you. :-)

  3. I think the second reply sums it all up this person should run for president.How can we let all these people understand they should live within a budget and stop getting raises?
    The Politicians are living high on the hog making middle class to living like the poor.

  4. dang, now that’s alot of debt!

  5. I couldn’t believe this when I read about it last week; way too crazy.

    Jen’s last blog post..Save Money on Water: Pur Flavor and Brita Coupons

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