Sep 22 2008

Gathering a few first-aid kits


I debated whether to buy a prepackaged kit or put some together myself. Based on what we need, I decided to go with a prepackaged kit for our car, and a duplicate kit for our home plus a few extra things such as a full tube of Neosporin.

In the future, I’ll probably be able to buy items a la carte when I need to restock the kits, but for now I need too many different types of supplies. It’s cheaper for me to go this route.

To save money, I went to Ebates* and typed in I saw that I’ll get 6 percent of my purchase price back with my next Ebates check. Plus, I was able to click a $5 off $30 coupon on Ebates since I’m a first-time customer with I’ll get free shipping, and since I’m purchasing FSA-eligible items, I used my handy FSA debit card to pay for these supplies with pre-tax dollars.

I chose a kit for $12.92. After comparing its contents with several other kits, I decided this one was the lowest-costing option that also contained what we might need.

What’s in your first-aid kit? Did you buy a prepared kit, or did you do it yourself? Do you have non-standard items with your kit?

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7 Responses to “Gathering a few first-aid kits”

  1. How about a knife, thread, and duct tape ;)
    That is what I would fill it with, my wife would make it a lot more comfty ;)

  2. I did what you did and bought a kit to start off and then have been filling it as needed or when I find that I absolutely need something that didn’t come in the kit I add to it (like my blister band-aids for when I have to wear my heals). Also since I like organization I added a check off list so I know when I need to restock it.

  3. I usually get a prepackaged kit through St Johns Ambulance Australia (the people who do first aid training) then just re-stock it as required.

    I guess I find that a lot easier as I am a trained first aid officer so I like to keep one on hand in a few different places around the home (and have one that I can take when cycling).

    One thing that you might want to look at getting is one of the instant ice packs. You basically crack them open and they turn instantly cold so are great when someone injures an ankle or you need to deal with a critical body temperature rise.


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  4. I picked up a couple of similar kits at BJ’s a while back. One is in the car and the other is home. I supplement the home one with extra bandages and moleskin as well as a few other items as needed.

    One thing – Make sure you go through your kits every year and check for expired items!

  5. We dont have a first aid kit apparently. Would have been good to know before Sunday when I was bleeding all over the sink just to be told we had absolutely no bandaids in the house. We will have one after this weekend.

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  6. It is always a good idea to have a few basic pieces of equipment with you. Same as you I bought a prepackaged kits from and added extra bandages and Instant Cold Pack. I used when i shop online though. I think they have the highest rebate percentage among the cashback sites. They offer 8.25% rebate for

  7. A piece of string, a ballpoint pen, scotch tape, one tube sock, and some baking soda — exactly what MacGuyver would need to get out of any situation.

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