Sep 15 2008

Making ‘orange’ and ‘white’ purees a la Sneaky Chef


PhotobucketToday, I made some batches of orange puree and white puree, as I mentioned in my weekly menu post.

Essentially, I was making baby food. The orange was from carrots and sweet potatoes, and the white was from cauliflower and zucchini. In all, I estimate that it took an hour and a half to chop, slice, cook and puree everything. I took a quick break in between things, and my breaks are included in the overall time.

Yeah, that did kind of take awhile. However, time I have. What I’m lacking is excellent nutrition, so it’s a good trade-off for me. I imagine these two purees will last quite awhile. I have at least 2 cups in each color, and many recipes call for just 1/4 cup to maybe 1/2 to 1 cup of the stuff.

Instead of discarding the water from the boiled carrots/potatoes, I drained it into a bowl and stuck it in my freezer to use when I make soup.

The white puree was a tad greenish, since I think I used a little more zucchini than the recipe called for. Oh well.

I hope these purees will add nutrition to my recipes without harming the flavor or texture.

Have you tried incorporating food purees into other recipes?

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9 Responses to “Making ‘orange’ and ‘white’ purees a la Sneaky Chef”

  1. Every fall, I bake pumpkins and puree and freeze the flesh in ice cube trays, to be thawed as needed. It tastes great replacing about 1/4 – 1/3 of the oil or butter in chocolate baked goods, like cake or brownies. I’ve also used it in oatmeal cookies with great results. 2 bonuses- less fat, and some extra vitamins and fiber.

  2. I have a great recipe for pumpkin bars that include pumpkin puree and applesauce. I’ve substituted carrot and other squash purees for the pumpkin and they still turn out well. I plan to post the recipe for these on the Green Baby Guide in October!

    Rebecca (Green Baby Guide)’s last blog post..Green Spotlight: Eileen’s Advice for Keeping Green Choices Simple and Finding Support

  3. Love this idea! I haven’t tried it myself yet, but would like to…espeically now that DD is starting to get pickier about what she eats!

    Marcy’s last blog post..I’m Back!

  4. I made a bunch of pear sauce last night and stuck it in my freezer- I expect to use it to substitute in recipes. I hadn’t seen these vegetable purees- they look like a great idea!

    joanna’s last blog post..New Toy for Casey

  5. I’ve been doing the food purees from the Deceptively Delicious book for about six months or so. I really don’t do them that often, though, I expect that I’ll be doing them more often once the baby gets to the solid food age. Since I don’t do the recipes often, I like to freeze the purees in ice cube trays then transfer to ziplocs once their frozen.

    laura b’s last blog post..A Little Knitting and Some Cheesemaking

  6. Great idea about saving the water. I have learned that the nutrients in many vegetables are quite sensitive and boiling them essentially destroys the nutrients. Steaming and running through the blender would keep those nutrients in tact.
    Love your blog!
    All the Best,

  7. Have you seen this Bittman clip re: vegetable purees in the blender or food processor:

  8. I really like making my own apple and pear purees and then adding them to carrot cake it makes it much more moist, less fattening since I remove some sugar (due to the pears and apples having their own sweetness) and oil, and it adds a whole other flavor that isn’t totally noticeable but still noticeable enough that people ask what I did different. Plus purees can be made in bulk when things are in season and then frozen like Christina does with the pumpkin.

  9. Don’t worry about the puree looking a bit green. Perhaps you didn’t peel the zucchini? I didn’t either, but the puree still hid well in all the recipes I made. (Mind you, I didn’t try it in Mac and Cheese.) In tomato sauce you can add a bit of tomato paste for color and flavor, and in muffins no one was the wiser!

    I used summer squash the most recent time, keeping the skin on. Works great.

    I use so much of this puree I double the batch now. It lasts for months and months in the freezer. It’s great!

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