Sep 08 2008

One way to look at a power outage


Some people might look at a power outage caused by a hurricane as a horrible, obnoxious occurrence–especially if such a power outage lasts long enough to spoil most of the contents in your freezer.

At Adventures in Moneyland, one blogger chose to see the positive:

“One good thing about the lights being out, is lower electric bill next month!”

Gotta love that attitude!

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6 Responses to “One way to look at a power outage”

  1. Thanks for mentioning us!

  2. Hahahaha! It takes a lot of creativity to think that way!

    During hard times, I just think God will be with me to deal with any difficulties in life.

    Sam of Fix My Personal Finance’s last blog post..Five Tips in Finding a Scrupulous Insurance Agent:

  3. So, maybe it’s better to turn the lights off without a hurricane?

    BTW. There are my favorite tips on saving on electricity: Hope you will find it useful.

    Kacper’s last blog post..Google Ad Manager is available to all Adsense Publishers

  4. You would think, but we have never noticed a lower bill when the power go out and last year the December bill went up $20 and the only thing we did different was turn on tree lights for about 3 nights. Sometimes I think they charge what they want despite what you actually use.

  5. It might depend on how your electric company does its billing.

    My electric company allows me to view my daily electricity usage online. I can instantly tell if something is wrong.

    I check it a few times per month, and when we got back from spending a few days out of town, I saw that we were billed just about 3 kwh per day for the days we were gone. I guess that’s what it takes to keep our fridge running.

  6. As one with a little hurricane experience, I would like to point out that you can save on more than your electric bill!

    Groceries: You won’t be shopping until the cities come back to life…hope you stocked up on those canned goods!

    Eating Out: Not until the power comes back on…unless you like salmonella…which can be one wicked diet plan…

    Driving: You won’t be spending money on gas (because there will be no gas to spend money on)!

    Pet care: You will be more worried about cleaning up the debris in your yard than worrying about what happened to the dog food and flea collars…

    Pest prevention: You’ve found the flea collars…your kids are wearing them as bracelets to help ward off the outdoor insects (because it’s just too darn hot inside the house).

    Telephone bill: not happening. All of the lines are down. The bulk of your conversations will include such timeless classics like ‘when i was your age we lived like this all year long’, ‘has anyone seen the puppy’, and ‘are you sure you aren’t hungry? what have you been…is that fur?…uhh…..’

    Dry cleaning: You are smelly and you know it. But without power, you will have to get old school (see also: bucket/washboard) if you want to dress to impress…your neighbors…who also smell bad…

    Entertainment: Who needs Blockbuster when you can spend hours shooting at bugs with a blowgun on your back porch? (Yes, we really did that.)

    Wess Stewart’s last blog post..Technical Difficulties #1

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