Aug 10 2008

Baby wipes deal at Rite Aid and other tidbits


Over the past few days, I’ve started stocking up on baby wipes. I was a little nervous about them drying out before using them, but they should stay moist until they’re opened and if not, I can add water myself.

According to Baby Cheapskate, you should avoid paying more than $0.02 per wipe if possible.

Good deals on wipes at Rite Aid this week:

Rite Aid brand 240-packs are $3 (on sale for $5, and there’s a $2 single check rebate). That’s $0.0125 per wipe.

Also, if you have a $1 off coupon for Pampers sensitive wipes, you might want to do this deal at Rite Aid as well:

When you buy one Pampers sensitive ($3.49 without coupon) you get one Rite Aid brand pack free. You’ll need a coupon that came in Sunday’s paper, or there might be some at the front of the store.

With those 2 coupons, you’ll get 70 Pampers wipes and 72 Rite Aid wipes for $2.49, or $0.017 each.

Also this week, I started a baby registry at Target, because I had a coupon for a $20 Target gift card for doing so (came in the mail). Uh, yes please, I’d like the gift card! We registered for a few items and used the gift card to buy a closet organizer for Baby’s clothes.

We’ve heard that some people have had great success finding bargains on baby clothes at Kohl’s clearance sales. We thought we’d check out a sale this week, but we must have missed the good stuff. Even at 80 percent off, items were extremely overpriced.

We stopped by Once Upon a Child again this week and bought some more clothes. I think we need to chill out on clothes buying for a little while, but it’s hard. Shopping for baby stuff is so durn fun!

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  1. Oh how I love baby clothes. They are addicting. Though a tip from a mom to a mom, make sure you buy other sizes then 0-3months and new born ;) You may be already on the ball with that but I noticed when we had our first daughter I purchased a ton of 0-3months on ebay but barely any 3-6, 6-9 or 12 months.

    Also check out Ebay for baby clothes. I got some fantastic deals on bundles of clothes through ebay when I was pregnant with my first. I always check ebay before I go buy it for retail price or on sale at the store.

  2. We used lots of baby wipes when our daughter was very young, but we gradually shifted to just spraying water on washcloths when we were home and saving the wipes for times we were away from the house.

    If you can’t keep yourself from buying baby clothes, aim for more stuff in the 12 to 18 month range. We were given so many tiny clothes that I don’t know if we even used all of them, but our wardrobe has gaps to fill now that our daughter is a little older. Also make sure you match the season (summer or winter stuff) to what size your baby will be at the time!

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  3. Yeah right now, we’re focusing on 0-3 months, 3-6 months, and 6-9 months. I don’t think we’ll try to go larger than that right now since we only have so much storage and plus, if he grows faster or slower than I predict, some clothes might not be used.

    I’m keeping an inventory of all that we collect so we hopefully won’t have too much or not enough of any one size.

  4. We were given so many clothes up to the 12 month size, so I’d also encourage you to not go too crazy until after you have all your baby showers and after he’s born. Of course it’s impossible to avoid buying SOME baby clothes!!

    I wanted to share my baby wipe passion with you. We use the Target generic brand wipes. you can get 432 for 7.99 (that’s the unscented, I don’t know if it’s different for other kinds) but they are so thick and NICE!! We’ve even accidentally washed some with the cloth diapers and they go through the washer AND DRYER without falling apart and leaving lint on everything! That’s what I call a good wipe.

  5. Something I’ve learned about baby wipes is if you rip them in half then use them they go a lot farther!

  6. Hey Kacie!

    I linked your deal on wipes @ Rite Aid into the Mr Linky on my Frugal Deals Roundup post here:

    On the baby clothes, between some “handed down” by friends and shower gifts, I had oodles of the smaller sizes. Suddenly we hit 9-12 months with minimal clothing, LOL! Also, if you do yard sales, always watch for toddler sizes in great condition as those tend to get a lot harder to find (boys that age can get rough on clothes!). I used (and still do) the bags that comforters, etc come in (clear, plastic, zip-up) to sort sizes. I wash everything, then add to the appropriate bag, so when I need it, it’s ready to go.


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