Aug 08 2008

Post round-up and yay for Olympics!


The Olympics start today! I am so excited. I’ll be competing in three track and field events: 800m run, shot put, and pole vault. Um.

If you don’t have a TV or if you don’t have NBC, you can catch stuff online. Check this site for details about online viewing and the television schedule. Go world!

You will <3 this blog

My friend Karen has finally started a blog! She’s a fantastic writer and would love it if you visited her and commented. If your state offers a tax-free shopping weekend, you should read her post questioning the tax savings you’d receive.

Flying is so unfun anymore

If you’ve booked a flight recently or plan to, you no doubt have heard about extra fees for luggage. Tiffanie explores these costs and wonders if it would be a better deal to fly first class instead of coach. It’s worth exploring–some airlines might be cheaper than others in this regard.

I am obsessed with buying things for my unborn son to poo and pee in

At Common Sense with Money, Mercedes discusses stocking up on diapers. If you missed it, I wrote a post on this awhile back. I’m going to continue stocking up on great deals and hope for the best. One thing I know for sure: You can never have too many wipes, and since they’re one size, they’re easier to stock up on. Yah? As long as yer baby’s tush isn’t allergic…

Speaking of diapers, at BabyCheapskate, Angie has confirmed that some diaper companies are resorting to fewer diapers per pack rather than raising the prices on diapers. Grr. As it is with anything, it’s important to calculate the unit price so you know if you’re getting a good deal.

I have an absurd stash of diapers already (yet, it’s only a small percentage of what my baby will need) at about $0.055 per diaper. I’m going to try to keep it under a dime each if possible, but it’ll be tricky. Check her post about stocking up. According to Angie, the price to beat for wipes is $0.02 each. Even though I’m not using cloth diapers, I might use cloth wipes for wet diapers and try the disposable wipes for the gross ones. Maybe.

Thanks for the link love!

A big thanks to the MSN Smart Spending blog which mentioned my post about frugal things to do in Pittsburgh, as well as highlighting other areas the Money Life Network discussed.

And from the Money Life Network:

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6 Responses to “Post round-up and yay for Olympics!”

  1. Thanks for the link, Kacie! It is, as you say, easier said than done. But at least by saying it, it motivates me to live it.

    Off to check out the other links!

    Emily’s last blog post..Less is More

  2. I think you’re very smart for stocking up on diapers as much as you can way before the baby is born. I just hope you don’t run out of storage space. LOL.

  3. Thanks so much for the plug! You’re the best! :)

    Karen’s last blog post..Basic budgeting can help you lose weight (without costing you money)

  4. thanks for the link, as always! :) i still hate all the extra fees airlines are tacking on.

    tiffanie’s last blog post..salvage it instead of throwing it away

  5. I thought of you this past week as we were visiting Pittsburgh for a couple of days. We hit the aviary, children’s museum and zoo. We even found our way downtown for lunch one day. We were surprised at how hilly it was. very pretty though! Love the yellow bridges.

  6. You definitely can’t go wrong with wipes! They’re useful for us grown ups too!

    FFB’s last blog post..Some Rights Reserved

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