Jul 22 2008

Post roundup: Rainy day edition


It’s a rainy day here in Pittsburgh–perfect for me to finish cleaning out a closet and deciding what in the world to do with, well, a closet full of junk that I’ve been hauling from one apartment to another for the past few years.

Yesterday, I discovered that I still had my shower shoes from freshman year in college! Gross! Those things should have stayed in the dorms.

Getting rid of stuff is difficult for me, but it’s so freeing. My “Goodwill box” and “eBay box” are growing full, and it really does feel good to have more space to store things. Ah, nesting.

My blog is being included in a treasure hunt on Wildtreasure.com. Seems like a fun way to explore others’ blogs and win prizes!

Here’s some quick links I’ve enjoyed lately:

Mrs. Micah shares some ideas for getting out of that paycheck-to-paycheck cycle. It’s tough break, especially if you have limited income — but once you’re out, you’ll be amazed at the financial progress you make.

Mercedes makes her own baby food, and it sounds simple enough! Check out her two-part series here and here. Mmm, mushy peas…

At the top of her link love roundup, Fabulously Broke shows us how to calculate our hourly disposable income. Ours is a lot lower than I would have predicted, and yet, we don’t feel broke or deprived.

Money Life Network

This week in the Money Life Network, we’re starting a series called “Frugal things to do in…” and we’re highlighting fun things to do in our cities of residence. Over the next two weeks, we’ll feature Pittsburgh; St. Augustine, Fla.; Washington, D.C.; New York City; Dallas; Minneapolis; and Seattle.

If you are inspired to write your own “Frugal things to do in…” (insert your city here), we’ll gladly include a link to it on the Money Life Network blog. See this post for more details.

Do you talk about finances with your friends and family? Check out The Last Taboo: A Journey from Silence to Truth at My Investing Blog.

Get a quick economics lesson by clicking over to Recession or Not — The Challenge the Fed and our Economy Has at Free From Broke.

PETE at Bible Money Matters reminds us that Fraud, Identity Theft Grow at ATMs. Not good. The line at my bank moves so slowly that I often make deposits at the ATM outside. Hmm, maybe I should find a speedier bank?

Want to know the 8 Worst Habits for Saving Money? Check out the post at Milk Your Money and see if you do these things.

You won’t want to miss these decorating tips and beautiful pictures at Remodeling This Life called Frugal Decorating: Use What you Have. Get inspired!

If you’re interested in the book (Not) Keeping Up With Our Parents, you won’t want to miss the insightful review at PT Money.

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8 Responses to “Post roundup: Rainy day edition”

  1. thanks for the link, kacie!!

    Emily’s last blog post..Sunday Morning Linkage

  2. thanks for the link – i look forward to your post in the “frugal things to do in.. ” series!

    Pete @ biblemoneymatters’s last blog post..Money Matters

  3. Thanks for the mention! When my wife was pregnant she managed to re-organize all of the closets. She had some major nesting urges!

    FFB’s last blog post..Some Rights Reserved

  4. Thanks for all of the links. I am stoked because for the first time I have actually already read (and commented on) many of these articles. But still there are some of which I still need to dive through.
    Hope the weather is better tomorrow for you.

    Ryan @ Smarter Wealth’s last blog post..Book Review: Sydney Entertainment Book

  5. Thanks, Kacie. :)

    At some point, I’m going to have to do more organizing…figure out what we really just don’t need and what we should keep around. Like you, it’s only been a year or so since graduation so there’s still lots of college stuff I may or may not need.

  6. Clutter-free house = clutter-free mind for me. Good luck. Thanks for sharing my book review. *runs off to clean some stuff up*

    PT’s last blog post..Prime Time Money

  7. Hi Kacie, thank you so much for linking back to my posts. Making your own baby food is so easy. It takes more time to go shopping for jars of baby food. Also, think about it this way: how would you feel if you had to eat Lean Cuisine every meal? wouldn’t you get sick of it after the second time and want something fresh?

  8. Thankee for the link love :)

    Fabulously Broke’s last blog post..Behnaz Sarafpour Fall 2008

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