Jun 30 2008

I’m in the Money Life Network! Check us out


I am happy to announce that I am now a member of the Money Life Network. This new network consists of a handful of fabulous personal finance bloggers.

We’ve banded together in the hopes that we’ll individually improve as bloggers, and collectively be able to bring you great new ideas on ways to save money, stretch your dollars, and just generally live a better life.

If you aren’t familiar with the other members, won’t you check out their sites and consider subscribing to their RSS feeds? Or, if you’d prefer, we have a group RSS feed.

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Because Personal Finance Should Be Personalized.

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Sense To Save [RSS] [Entrecard]
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Jun 27 2008

A diaper service for Pittsburgh


Well whaddya know? Turns out, there IS a diaper service for the Pittsburgh area.

I was convinced there wasn’t. I searched the Yellow Pages. I did an extensive Google search. Nada.

I got in touch with a lady who sells cloth diapers in town, and she told me that A Little Behind delivers diapers to Pittsburgh.

This company is based in Morgantown, West Virginia.

They’ll deliver 80 diapers per week for $20, which works out to being about $0.25 per diaper. For less money, you can get 40 diapers per week for $16 (about $0.40 per diaper). You can get a different amount of dipes at $17, $18, or $19 price points. It includes prefolds, diaper covers (I believe the site said they are Pro Wraps), diaper pail, and deodorizing disk.

I’ll likely try using this service for a few weeks to ease ourselves into cloth diapering. It seems like a great way to try it out without buying a bunch of diapers initially. And by then, I’ll have a sense of how many daily diaper changes we’ll be going through, so I can better gauge how often I’d need to do laundry if I did it myself.

We’ll see how it goes, and then decide if we’d prefer to stick with the service or if it would be better to buy a batch of diapers and wash them ourselves.

Just wanted to let you Pittsburghers know that there is indeed a cloth diapering service for us!

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