Jun 27 2008

A diaper service for Pittsburgh


Well whaddya know? Turns out, there IS a diaper service for the Pittsburgh area.

I was convinced there wasn’t. I searched the Yellow Pages. I did an extensive Google search. Nada.

I got in touch with a lady who sells cloth diapers in town, and she told me that A Little Behind delivers diapers to Pittsburgh.

This company is based in Morgantown, West Virginia.

They’ll deliver 80 diapers per week for $20, which works out to being about $0.25 per diaper. For less money, you can get 40 diapers per week for $16 (about $0.40 per diaper). You can get a different amount of dipes at $17, $18, or $19 price points. It includes prefolds, diaper covers (I believe the site said they are Pro Wraps), diaper pail, and deodorizing disk.

I’ll likely try using this service for a few weeks to ease ourselves into cloth diapering. It seems like a great way to try it out without buying a bunch of diapers initially. And by then, I’ll have a sense of how many daily diaper changes we’ll be going through, so I can better gauge how often I’d need to do laundry if I did it myself.

We’ll see how it goes, and then decide if we’d prefer to stick with the service or if it would be better to buy a batch of diapers and wash them ourselves.

Just wanted to let you Pittsburghers know that there is indeed a cloth diapering service for us!

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11 Responses to “A diaper service for Pittsburgh”

  1. That sounds more expensive than buying the disposable ones at the store? I got 104 for $17 – that was for size 3.

    Chelle’s last blog post..Housekeeping Day on IMBL

  2. Looks like you got a good deal!

    I don’t think I’d want to pay $0.25 per diaper in the long haul, but I wouldn’t mind for a week or to so I could test it out, ya know?

  3. I’m really glad to know this is available (and I need to tell friends too!). I wonder if old-fashioned cloth diapering like this works as well as the newer cloth diapers I’ve seen out there (like the FuzziBunz and the BumGenius)? I may have to look around some more and see if there’s a consensus on that.

    Erin’s last blog post..Housing

  4. this is awesome for you. i assume it will come in handy for those first few weeks when you’re adjusting to being a new mom & dad!

  5. I just found your blog and plan to read further because, hey I could stand to save some money! But I wanted to comment on the cloth diapers vs. sposies issue you’re facing because I’m passionate about cloth diapers for babies’ bums! I would definitely go with cloth in whatever way you can manage! Yes, a diaper service or washing your own diapers might seem more expensive compared to the almost free disposables or the laundry costs, at first. However, you need to think of the whole diapering picture. What is the real cost of putting those disposable chemical trash diapers into the solid waste system? You will pay for it somewhere, be it your waste removal fees (maybe not you directly but as a community it costs us all BIG time) or in the additional chemicals needed to treat the waste, or in the natural resources needed to produce those diapers. Regarding the money you save per week on disposables at CVS–how does that compare to the price your baby will pay in the future when they’re left to deal with all that trash we’ve been burying? Another cost is the amount of diaper cream and trips to the doctors for the diaper rash? One more consideration is that on average babies who are cloth diapered the majority of time potty learn much earlier than those in the disposables…thereby shortening your use of diapers which will save you LOTS of money!

    Good luck! Remember that diapering is a system and you don’t have to think of it as an all or nothing scenario. Reach out to others who use cloth I learned so much from just watching other mommas and talking to them about cloth. It is really quite fun! There is a learning curve to using cloth but I found as a new parent, there was huge learning curve to diapering in general! Best wishes! Now on to check out the rest of your posts!

  6. How great for you! :) What an awesome solution. At least you know you have an alternative to the laundromat issue. :)

  7. Lost your blog in the hundreds out there, glad to have found you again! :-) I wanted to comment on your diaper dilemma. When my children were babies, I paid for diaper service. Now this was 20 years ago, but the cost was $50/month. I was a work out of the home momma back then and I just knew I’d be horrible at keeping up with washing the diapers myself, so I considered it a necessity. We used those diapers for everything! Wipe clothes, shoulder clothes, under the baby for overspills during the night (we family bedded), I mean just about anything and everything. I missed them when we finally canceled our service when the boys were both potty trained. I also believe that cloth diapers aided in earlier potty training. With the disposable diapers, the baby doesn’t feel the wetness that they do with cloth. Granted, I changed the diaper soon after they voided but there was still that “Ohhhh, I’m wet” feeling for baby. Plus I loved the feeling of that soft diaper next to my skin when I nursed my babies. Contrast that with sticky, crinkly plastic, ewwww. Now if you try to do your own I would really be hesitant about using the common washing machines – other people might not like that idea too much. Can you buy a small washer for in your home? I hope you can afford the diaper service though. OH, and one more thing – if you decide to do your own, check out http://www.frugalbabe.com. She just had a baby about six weeks ago and she and her mom made up a whole bunch of diapers very inexpensively by sewing their own.

  8. Great discovery! Your discovery will definitely benefit those living in Pittsburgh. Don’t think we have that in Singapore (but then I did not search for it in the first place). People are using a lot of disposable diapers nowadays. For my sister, she was just glad that her 2 boys who are 2+ now are toilet trained. It certainly cut down a lot of expenses in disposable diapers and most importantly, a little step towards saving our planet.

  9. It is great to hear this. We used cloth diapers for all three of my daughters. A few things to keep in mind. If I recall properly, the younger the baby, the more diapers were needed. So, you might want to start off with 80 diapers but then after a few months, cut back to 60 or less.

  10. Lets see, my own baby used between 6-8 diapers a day as a new born, and now at 19 months she still goes through 5 a day. I have heard a lot of wonderful things about cloth diapering though and wish we could do it, but with her being so close to potty training and no baby on the way, it wouldn’t be worth it. (There isn’t a service out here) I wish you all the luck in the world! Everyone i know who cloth diapers just loves it =D

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  11. Diaper Express, Vandergrift, PA 15690
    i have a friend who used this service in Pittsburgh a few years ago- don’t know the price though…..

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